Rodent found in Tesco sandwich



Katie Crabtree, a 31 -year-old mother-of-two from Stockport, has spoken out after biting into a dead, sliced, rodent tucked into a Tesco sandwich.

So what happened, and how common is it for a mouse to find its way into your dinner?


Crabtree told the Stockport Express that she bought a chicken, bacon and lettuce sandwich from the Stockport branch of Tesco, and on glancing at the sandwich thought the darker meat was burned bacon. It was only after she had bitten into it that she investigated more closely, and discovered it was a sliced, furry creature.

She told the newspaper: "It was black and had hair - and I could see a little paw. It was horrendous." She says she is unable to eat packaged sandwiches any more because of the memory.

She complained to the store and to head office, and was eventually given £10 compensation. A spokesman for Tesco told the Express: 'We take any case of this kind very seriously. Sadly, on this occasion, our food safety procedures didn't work as they should have done. We have apologised to our customer and are urgently investigating the matter with our supplier."

Mouse tales

It's a grim tale. However, it is far from the only time a mouse has turned up in someone's dinner. Here are five gruesome mouse tales from the archives:

In September 2010, Oxford Crown Court heard the gruesome story of when Stephen Forse from Oxfordshire found a dead mouse embedded in a loaf of bread. He had already used a few slices of the bread, bought in January 2009, when he made the discovery. Premier Foods, which manufactured the bread, was fined £5,500 and ordered to pay £11,109.47 in costs. Watch the video below!

In 2009, Cate Barrett from St Austell, Cornwall, found a dead mouse in a jar of Asda Extra Special curry sauce. She made the discovery after preparing the dinner and noticing that the sauce was 'more lumpy than usual'.

In 2007 a mouse was unearthed in a Hyndman's malt loaf in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. The manufacturer was fined £1,000 plus court costs for failing to provide safe food.

In 2005, Lorraine Hughes from Birmingham found a dead mouse in a packet of Uncle Ben's Express Rice - which only emerged after she had microwaved it.

Back in December 1997, another dead mouse hit the headlines, after showing up in a tin of baked beans. Robert Howard, from Brockley, southeast London was eating straight from the tin when he made the discovery. HL Foods, which made the tin of beans, and cooked this particular rodent, was fined £8,000 under the Food Safety Act.

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