Would you ever go on strike?

Strike placardsWith large trade unions talking of strike action ahead, would you ever join the picket line?

Strikes are back at the top of the news agenda, with talk of co-ordinated strikes between two of the nation's biggest trade unions.

The latest protests will once again surround the issue of public sector pay, in particular the pay freeze the Government is implementing.

Unison and GMB have said that their members will strike if there is no change in the situation, while the TUC will also be tackling the issue at its annual Congress which takes place this week.

Just last week the National Union of Teachers voted to strike over the "erosion" of their pay and working conditions. It may attempt to strike in unison with the NASUWT teachers' union, which has already voted in favour of industrial action.

With the prospect of so much industrial action ahead, have you ever been on strike? What was the issue? Would you ever consider going on strike in the future? Does industrial action and protest make any difference?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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