Website has head-turning car deals


Ford FocusesBargain hunter motorists are in for a treat from today as a new car comparison website launches with what it claims will be the start of regular world-beating discounts on popular makes and models.

It is kicking of with a Ford Focus 1.0-litre Zetec with a quarter (25%) off the recommended price, saving £4,500 and bringing the price down from £17,945 down to £13,445.

Secret weapon

Recombu Cars promises to be "a car buyer's secret weapon". The site will be edited by larger than life car expert Rory Reid, of Gadget Geeks fame (on Sky 1).

It will have more than 400 car reviews from launch and compare the best market deals available. Car nuts will also be able to use the site compare various specs about cars they are considering, such as mpg or 0-60mph speeds, to help them decide which to buy. There will also be wide reviews of popular motors.

Reid describes the site as "the UK's finest encyclopaedic library of informative reviews". He said: "At its heart is a comprehensive database linked to state of the art comparison technology that allows the reader to narrow down their search and, when they're ready to buy, unbeatable exclusive deals on the latest cars."


But the cost-conscious will be keen on the discounts cars. Reid told AOL Money: "We'll offer deals. We won't offer discounts on every single car but we'll have big discounts – 25% off. These will be the biggest discounts in the world. We're focussing on knock-out deals, not a grand off here and there."

Read said the number of blockbuster discount deals would be "a couple a month" He said "We're restricting ourselves to deals that turn heads."

Under the Ford Focus deal you get to buy the car from your chosen dealer in the same way as normal, choosing which add-ons you want but with the base price benefitting from the Recombu discount. The discount price will only be available through the website

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