Cheaper holiday destinations can save couples £450

Plane taking off at sunsetCouples can save as much as £450 on a one-week summer holiday by swapping their favourite destination for a cheaper one, according to a survey by Post Office Travel Money.

Many holidaymakers thought mainland Spain offered the best value for money, but they would be much better off visiting Portugal, the survey showed.

Similarly, Turkey was perceived to be a place where money went a long way but Bulgaria offered better deals.

Based on a one-week package for two plus eating out costs and drinks, a trip to Portugal was only £904 compared with £1,361 to Croatia.

On this basis, a holiday to Spain was £1,088, but a trip to Bulgaria was far cheaper at £955.
Yet only 15% of those surveyed reckoned Bulgaria offered good value for money.

Post Office Travel Money head Andrew Brown said: "We always advise people to take all holiday costs into account when choosing a destination and this research shows why that is so important.

"In tough times, it is hard to stay loyal when there are big savings to be made by swapping to a destination that is over a third cheaper."

Top destinations for expats

Top destinations for expats

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