Tesco slashes Price Promise offer

Tesco says if your grocery shopping is cheaper at a rival it will give you a voucher for the price difference - its new Price Promise. Tesco, until very recently, capped this price difference promise at £20.

But its now slashed this to £10, and changed some terms, to the chagrin of some loyal Tesco shoppers it seems.


One shopper going under the name of Kelly Erker on Tesco's Facebook page was expecting a Price Check voucher for £17.92, according to the Mail. "When I went to print it this morning, it takes me to the 'Price 'Promise' site and no voucher. I've noticed that you have now capped the limit at £10."

It's thought fewer than 5% of Tesco vouchers made out are for more than £10. Most are less than £2 according to Tesco. There's also a stipulation that no less than eight separate items have to be bought in order to qualify for the Price Promise.

However, this 'promise' looks weaker when compared with, for example, Asda's offer. Asda's price guarantee claims it will always be 10% cheaper than a rival - and if it isn't it will refund you the difference, plus 10%. Tesco, on the other hand, only matches the price of goods bought from a rival.

Value for money?

So if you spend £200 a month at Asda, Asda claims your monthly shop should, in theory, always be £20 cheaper than Tesco. "If we're not 10% cheaper, we'll refund the difference," said an Asda spokesperson. "The [price comparison] site we operate is monitored by MySupermarket, so it's completely independent."

Meanwhile Morrisons is getting down and dirty in the Voucher War with a £5 off a £40 spend coupon in The Sun newspaper this Sunday. We reported Morrisons U-turn on vouchers last week - previously Morrisons boss Dalton Philips said he wasn't too happy about going down the voucher route.

UK consumers continue to clip: they redeemed the best part of 340 million coupons last year, up from 277 million in 2010, according to voucher services provider Valassis.

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