Lidl to be the next supermarket giant?

Is Lidl the next power brand? According to a new survey the cheap-and-cheerful German retailer has more potential than any other high street name to hike its brand popularity.

Comparisons with other once-derided brand names - Skoda, for example - are being made. So, is Lidl the new Skoda (as it were)? And what other brands are on the up?

No Lidl achievement?

The research, carried out by YouGov, took responses from 2,000 UK consumers that gave their view on 50 potential super-brands. And the no-frills supermarket came out top with a 27% share of the vote (full list below). Some turnaround from 2004 when Lidl found itself in the top ten loathed brands, just behind QVC and Pot Noodle.

So, has the recession removed the stigma of shopping at stores that were once a by-word for low-rent cheapness?

"Shoppers are becoming more comfortable with the idea of a supermarket which sells simply good value produce rather than an ideal or a lifestyle," said Scott Wilkinson from advertising agency Bordello that organised the survey.

Czeching it out

"The word Lidl," he goes on, "may be still met with a snigger but with a rapidly growing market share and a strong business model, come 2015 – much like Skoda – it won't be a laughing matter."

Other fast-growing brands include breakfast and snack operator Rude Health and bespoke tailoring company, A Suit That Fits, a company that claims to makes bespoke tailoring affordable. The black cap taxi app, Hailo, also did well.

However, surveys like these only offer a snapshot. Behind Lidl, be advised, at number two, sits Prince Harry. Advertising agency Bordello claims the reason why the prince sits between a cheap German supermarket and a taxi app is because "he has the human touch and it seems the public are now poised for the year of Prince Harry."

In case you didn't know.

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