Mark Zuckerberg left no tip: other poor tipping decisions


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If you're famous for being worth $20 billion, then you can understand why restaurant serving staff may be a bit hopeful when you show up for lunch. However, staff were left reeling when Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, left after a recent meal with his wife Priscilla Chan, without leaving a tip.

And he's not the only one ever to have made a poor tipping decision.


Zuckerberg was said to have spent €32 on lunch in Rome's Jewish Ghetto quarter while on honeymoon. He reportedly rejected wine in favour of water, and opted for local specialities including deep fried artichokes.

The restaurant owner told a local newspaper he was shocked, as Zuckerberg had said he had enjoyed the meal, and he assumed Americans were culturally more likely to tip. There are other reports that he took a similar approach the previous night.

There's every chance he was following the 'when in Rome...' approach, and misjudged expectations. However, he's far from the only one to get it wrong.

David Cameron

Last summer he almost eclipsed the rioting with his decision not to tip at an Italian cafe after ordering two cappuccinos. He eventually returned to the cafe, bought two drinks for €5.10 and told waitress Francesca Ariani to keep the change from a 10 euro note. Lucky for him the breakdown of law and order back home took the heat off a bit.

Tiger Woods

He is a regular fixture on lists of poor tippers, which is a shocker given that he is said to be worth $500 million. He claims it is because he never carries cash.

Jeremy Piven

The Entourage actor was said to have left a DVD of the show in place of a tip after one mega-bucks dinner.


The pop star of yesteryear is said to have once left his autograph as a tip - which sadly isn't going to raise that much cash any more.

Peyton Manning

When the American Football star left a $200 tip at a restaurant in March this year, he was doing the decent thing. Unfortunately for his waiter, however, the decision to post the receipt online got him the sack.

Johnny Depp

In the world of the celebrity tipper, they could stand to learn something from Johnny Depp. He apparently went out to celebrate a screening of Public Enemies with a group of 14 friends. The restaurant did them the favour of staying open until 2.30am, and were rewarded with a $4,000 tip.

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