What's the worst job: and the best?


Lumberjack statueDARRYL DYCK/The Canadian Press/Press Association Images

New research from American website, CareerCast, has come up with its 2012 list of the best and worst jobs. One shock new addition, straight in at number one on the worst jobs list, is Lumberjacking.

So which other jobs are rated as worst, and which are the best?

The website produced its list based on a number of factors, including work environment, employment outlook, physical demands, stress and income

The worst jobs

Lumberjacks didn't do brilliantly in any of these areas. The site said: "Unemployment for Lumberjacks is very high, and the demand for their services is expected to continue to fall through 2016. And while working outside all day may seem like a great job perk, being a lumberjack not only is considered the worst job, but also one of the world's most dangerous."

Of course in the UK we don't have a huge number of lumberjacks, so our worst job is likely to be the one placed second in the US: dairy farming. Another declining career in a tough environment, this one has the added stress of antisocial working hours and the challenge of working with large intransigent beasts.

Next on the list is soldiers - pushed up the list by stress and the working environment. Then comes an oil rig worker - with terrible scores for the work environment and physical demands.

It's also worth highlighting that two media jobs make the worst ten - newspaper and broadcast journalists - reflecting the terrible pay, declining employment and the fact the industry is on its knees.

The best jobs

Meanwhile, the job rated the best was software engineer - as a cushy desk job in huge demand. For similar reasons, the rest of the list also included actuaries, human resources managers, dental hygienists and financial planners.

But while this list looks like it has some serious thought behind it, it's worth pointing out the flaws. For a start, there are plenty of people who would much rather the working environment of a dairy farmer to the one of an actuary. And while dental hygienists may be in huge demand, there are serious questions as to whether this suddenly makes it a desirable job.

A spokesperson from leading online recruitment site Jobsite.co.uk told AOL: "It's very difficult to qualify what the 'best and worst jobs' are. A great job involves many factors other than salary including staff benefits, flexible hours, great colleagues, variation, opportunity to develop and job security. We're all different and suit different types of job roles; and job satisfaction is about finding the right role that is the best fit for you."

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Best jobs

1. Software engineer
2. Actuary
3. Human Resources manager
4. Dental hygienist
5. Financial planner
6. Audiologist
7. Occupational therapist
8. Online advertising manager
9. Computer systems analyst
10. Mathematician

Worst Jobs

1. Lumberjack
2. Dairy farmer
3. Enlisted military soldier
4. Oil rig worker
5. Reporter (newspaper)
6. Waiter/waitress
7. Meter reader
8. Dishwasher
9. Butcher
10. Broadcaster