Tesco ditches Value prison stripes

Tesco has ditched its drab but cheap Value brand. And it has replaced with... Everyday Value. Some change, you might think. The former plain blue and white prison stripes have disappeared to be replaced by more cheerful, colourful packaging.

Some of the changes are more than skin deep, with some improvement to the products. A significant shift?

Getting a grip

Yes. The previous Value range did much to change the back-to-basics landscape some two decades ago. Some supermarket on-lookers, at the time, were concerned that introducing such a cheep-and-cheerful range would inflict brand damage. Not so.

However, the previous dour packaging has not helped Tesco maintain its sub-brand lately. This Value sector for supermarkets is significant, worth £1bn a year. Throw in Tesco's PR struggles and a decimated share price. So the new changes are an attempt by Tesco to fix an increasingly substantial problem of its own making - value for money.

Tesco has been hurt by accusations it has focused too much on profit-building and expansion and not enough on looking after the customer i.e. offering bottom dollar prices.

Real value

Get past the often grim packaging and supermarket 'Value' ranges do offer good value for money. Look at Morrisons own 'Savers' All Purpose Cleaner. Priced at 25p for 750ml, it's a massive 75% cheaper than Morrisons slightly fancier own-brand 'posh' version.

Scrutinse the ingredients list of many 'Value' supermarket brands and they are, very often, almost identical to much more expensive branded products. And with more colourful packaging from the likes of Tesco and Morrisons, the new versions don't let on how cheap you are. At least, not quite so loudly.

We'll see. So the emphasis on Value is welcome from Tesco, and overdue.

Save money on shopping

Save money on shopping

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