Which are the cheapest cars to run?


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The Germans are back on top in the latest survey by What Car?, which has revealed the best-value models in the UK, and the cheapest cars to run.

So who were the winners?

The survey

The What Car? researchers examine running costs over three years - taking into account fuel consumption, tax, servicing, parts and insurance. The magazine also assumes you manage a bit of haggling when you buy, and that you sell the car on after the three years.

The survey is usually dominated by Japanese cars, known for their reliability and their energy efficiency. However, recent improvements in both aspects mean German cars have overtaken them in the value-for-money stakes.

What Car found winners in ten categories, from best estate car to best convertible MPV an SUV. German cars triumphed in seven of the ten categories.

The cheapest cars to run

The cheapest cars to run

The cheapest cars to run

VW, therefore, took the title for best value family car, estate, coupe and small family car (with its Skoda brand). Meanwhile BMW took the title for executive car, SUV and convertible.

However, Korean manufacturer Hyundai can still lay claim to the cheapest car, with its city car the i10 Classic as the only one coming in under £10,000 over three years.

The magazine highlighted that the best type of car will depend on the driver's needs - but that whatever car you choose, you should never be paying full price for it.

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