Play the lottery for free


Dave Thompson/PA Wire

It seems like the lottery you can't lose. works just like a normal cashback website, but lets you spend your balance buying lottery tickets for free.

So is it as good as it sounds?

The offer

The site works by letting users build up balances when they buy goods and services through the site. But instead of offering cashback, these balances become lottery points and can be used to buy tickets for the Lotto and Euromillions draws.

You can choose to buy single tickets - buying a single £1 lottery ticket costs 1,000 lottery points - or buy a share of any of three syndicated ticket types, which requires as little as ten points but obviously means that you would split your winnings with all others in the syndicate.

New members will receive free syndicated tickets for the next two Lotto and Euromillions draws for free when they sign up.

Collecting points is relatively easy. You could earn 2,000 points, enough for two lottery tickets, by placing your first online shopping order at Tesco through the site, for example. Other offers on the site include 24,000 points for taking out an O2 mobile broadband contract and 20,000 for joining the RAC.

Wincot Media, which owns the site, say that you don't even need to make a purchase to earn points. Recommending friends and family, completing surveys and entering competitions will also see points added to your total.

What else you need to know

If your ticket does win a lottery prize, you will receive it in full. However, you can't choose your own lottery numbers. The site, which is free to join, is not connected with the National Lottery. You have to be aged 16 or over to become a member.
Ian Lowe, the managing director of Wincot Media, said: "Unfortunately we don't have any secret magic formula for selecting our lottery ticket numbers, but it's no secret that you have to be in it to win it, so we're all keeping our fingers crossed that one of our members' tickets wins them a jackpot."

Shop around

Obviously if you regular play the lottery then this seems like a great way to do so for nothing, but just watch out that you are definitely getting the best deal. For example, a spokesman for Quidco told the Telegraph that her site offered £85 cashback and a £25 M&S voucher to customers buying a Sky+ HD deal, whereas was offering 32,000 lottery points - worth £32 - and a £25 M&S voucher for the same Sky package.