Aston Martin voted top cool brand again


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Aston Martin is the coolest brand according to branding experts who care about coolness (which surely seems a bit uncool). The car brand favoured by British royalty beat US tech player Apple into second place, with Harley Davidson third. But there are some omissions.

Cool for cats

The official 2011/12 CoolBrands top 20 is detailed below. But where is Porsche, for example? And what is Rolex - purveyor of those huge flashy pieces of rock some choose to lug around on their wrists - doing at Number 4 in the annual chill factor? Do cool people really wear bling like this?

Clearly they must. These brands were chosen by around 2,000 consumers and, says the press release, "a panel of 36 designers, style experts, media personalities and prominent figures from the worlds of TV, fashion and music".

Think you've got pull?

This list included Jessie J, Ben de Lisi, Lisa Snowdon, Rob da Bank, Sadie Frost and Kelly Hoppen. So you know who to blame. Anyway, have a look at the list and let us know your own feelings and choices.

Interestingly, both men and women, according to the survey, rated Harley-Davidson as their most popular brand - and women are technology driven too, with 47% of women voting Apple as their most popular brand.

Personally I've always thought an association with royalty, like Aston Martin, not so cool. More "heritage". And what on earth is Dom Pérignon doing at Number 12, anyone?

The coolest brands

The coolest brands