Momentum is with Scottish Labour, says Sarwar ahead of battle bus launch

Anas Sarwar has said that “momentum is with Scottish Labour”, ahead of the launch of his party’s election battle bus in South Queensferry on Monday.

The Scottish Labour leader described the General Election as an “opportunity for change”, and said his party would deliver a pay raise for the 200,000 lowest-paid in Scotland, and 160,000 more NHS appointments.

With three weeks to go until the election on July 4, Mr Sarwar said people were “crying out for change”, and said a vote for Scottish Labour was the way to “make sure” this happened.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said: “This election is an opportunity for change that Scots cannot afford to miss and it is clear that the momentum is with Scottish Labour.

“People are tired of this rotten Tory government and are crying out for change.

“Our battle bus will take our message of change to the people of Scotland.

“A Labour government with Scottish Labour MPs at its heart will deliver a pay rise for the 200,000 lowest-paid Scots, 160,000 more NHS appointments to tackle waiting times and publicly-owned energy headquartered in Scotland to deliver jobs and cut bills.

“The way we make sure we get rid of this rotten Tory government is by voting Scottish Labour on July 4 – to deliver a Labour government with Scotland at its heart.”