Mom Teaches Her Budgie Bird to Ride a Skateboard and It’s Downright Impressive


We've all seen videos of dogs riding skateboards, but how often have you seen a bird do it? Bubble the Budgie is - you guessed it - an adorable blue Budgie who is the apple of his mom's eye. She recently taught him how to use a skateboard and you've got to see it to believe it!

Using a book as a ramp, Bubble's mom gets him to hop up on the book by holding a treat above the book. She then gets him to climb up on the tiny skateboard using the same tactic. Watch as he gets better and the end he can even do a trick!

This was so cool to see! Bubble isn't going to be hitting up the skate park or smashing any riding records, but it's a fun thing to be able to show off! I feel the same way @Jessica does, "You skate better than me Bubble!" I noticed the same thing @equamatic did, "His lil' chicken legs as he stretches to get the millet!!!"

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Teach Your Bird To Skateboard

Teaching your pet to skateboard is a popular trick to teach them these days. I've seen videos of cats boardin', there are a ton of videos of dogs, and even other animals like Bubble the Budgie (Budgie is what they call them in Australia, they're also called parakeets here in the U.S.) and this funny Cockatoo who uses its dad's bald head as a 'skateboarding' ramp!

Years ago, I had a neighbor who had taught his English Bulldog to ride a skateboard and it was so fun to watch. I don't remember her name, but she even had a cool shirt with a skater brand logo on it that she'd wear when it was time to grind. She'd ride her very own skateboard down their driveway and drag the board back up to do it again. She'd do it for as long as he'd let her!

If you have a feathered friend that you want to teach to skateboard, Bubble's video is the perfect way to do it. Believe it or not, there are many sites and videos out there specifically geared towards birds! It seems like an easy process, too. It can be done in three simple steps (and with a lot of patience!) First, you introduce the skateboard and let the bird get used to the sensation. Next, place your bird on the board and let them get used to it - here's where you can use treats as an incentive to get them to stay on it. Finally, introduce movement.

I Love Parakeets shared a 6-minute long video that was really informative. I don't have a bird so I just kind of skipped through it, but it was interesting to watch it and the bird was successful by the end!

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