Mom and Baby Potbellied Pigs Find Fairy 'Tail' Ending After Being Found at Missouri Gas Station


It's no secret that animal shelters and humane societies across the globe are busier than ever, but dogs and cats aren't the only animals who find themselves in need of a helping hand. Plenty of farm animals, like this Missouri sow and piglet, could use a little help, too. Fortunately for this piggy duo, a great escape is all it took to get them the lives they've always deserved.

On May 5, the animal rescuers at The Gentle Barn's Missouri location welcomed Dottie-Ann and her baby, Jordan, to their sanctuary. The two had been spotted wandering around a nearby gas station when they were initially rescued and returned to their owners, but after a moving turn of events, the mom and son will live out their days as beloved residents of The Gentle Barn.

OMG--how cute are these two? Watching Jordan poke his head out of the carrier made me smile instantly, and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. Thousands of viewers have enjoyed watching the pot-bellied pigs' first chapter at The Gentle Barn--and there will be so many more sweet videos to come!

Before the farm animals found their Happily Ever After at the animal sanctuary, though, it sounds like they had owners who were well-meaning but perhaps unprepared. Fortunately, they decided to do what they thought was best for the animals by letting them live on the farm instead. Just like commenter @fullnestmama2 acknowledged, "that's a difficult decision" for any animal owner to make. But they had the mom and baby pigs' best interests at heart!

Now, Jordan and Dottie-Ann are enjoying all kinds of pampering thanks to the animal rescuers who care for them every day. They settled in so quickly at The Gentle Barn, and they have so many happy years ahead of them.

How cute are they? The rescue pigs are already so relaxed, which is a wonderful sign.

Pot-Bellied Pigs as Pets

Even though pigs have always been considered a livestock animal breed instead of a pet, more and more people are considering owning pigs as companions instead. It's easy to see why: pigs are smart, affectionate, and can have big personalities, but not everyone considers that everything else about pigs can get pretty big, too. Caring for pigs can be more overwhelming than you think!

Pot-bellied pigs like Dottie-Ann and Jordan can grow to be about three feet long, with males measuring larger than females. They can weigh 200 pounds when fully grown, and they are not teacup pigs like some pet owners hope to find. These animals require plenty of space to sleep, eat, and do their business, too. It's easy to see why some pet pig owners aren't as prepared as they thought they were!

Fortunately, for many pigs like this mom-and-son duo, animal sanctuaries and farm rescues like The Gentle Barn can provide loving homes for the animals who need them the most.

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