Miss Peaches' Game of Hide-n-Seek with Dave Portnoy Goes Adorably Wrong

CC @famousmisspeaches/TikTok

It's not easy being a dog dad, just ask Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy who found himself in the craziest pickle with his rescue dog Miss Peaches. The two were playing hide-n-seek when things got a little out of hand in the most surprising way possible.

Miss Peaches didn't just hide, she made it darn near impossible for her dad to get to her.

In the video the social media star shared, it shows him looking at his rescue Pittie, who was trapped behind a chicken wire fence.

"I don't even know how to get you back in Peaches," the dog dad lamented. But judging by the chill way that Miss Peaches stared back at her owner, it seems like she was deeply unconcerned. "Question: how are you on that side of the fence?" Portnoy asked.

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It didn't even seem like there was an opening where Portnoy could enter and get his beloved pup. "I'm going to put a GoPro and a bell on you!" he joked. "You look like you're in jail!"

Ultimately the dog dad resulted to using a chair to hop the fence and get Peaches out, but again, you really couldn't tell that the dog was concerned at all by how chill she was.

"I love playing hide-n-seek with Papa," he joked in the caption.

The comments section couldn't stop laughing. "When you rescued her, you didn’t know you’d be rescuing her every day since," joked one commenter. "She’s like, 'well, figure it out,'" another commenter teased. "She’s so unbothered. Like I dunno. Get me soon if you wanna," a third person added. "It's like 50 First Dates movie. Dave and Miss Peaches '50 First Rescues,'" one person teased.

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Obviously, this can't help if your dog has gotten themselves stuck behind an impenetrable wall of chicken wire. They haven't made a device yet that could have helped Portnoy with that one.

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