Miniature Dachshund Still Missing After Rover Sitter Lost Him 3 Months Ago in Phoenix


James Belsky, a truck driver was used to traveling with his Miniature Dachshund everywhere until a family emergency which required him to fly home caused him to book a dog-sitter via the pet sitting service Rover in Phoenix.

Blesky dropped his pup named Dobbie off with a five star rated Rover sitter and was shocked to receive a phone call from the sitter just two hours after he dropped Dobbie off.

12 News reports, "“He was going to take out the trash and Dobbie ran out the door,” Belsky said. “Somehow my wiener dog ran down three flights of stairs.”

Dobbie was last seen Feb. 12 running away near West Campbell Avenue and the I-17. The dog sitter told Belsky he was traumatized as well and promised to spend the entire day and night searching to “get little man home safe.”

The sitter said he would print stacks of missing dog flyers, but when Belsky returned to the apartment days later and walked the neighborhood, he saw none posted. Instead of picking up his best friend, the sitter sent him home with Dobbie’s leash and collar.

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12 News also received this statement from Rover.

As you noted, our team worked to support search efforts for Dobbie and Mr. Belsky during this challenging time. We refunded his stay, offered a significant reward for information leading to locating Dobbie, posted in online pet-finding websites that send alerts directly to local shelters and veterinarians, and reached out to members of our sitter community in the area. The reward remains active and our team is ready to assist if anyone has information that would help bring Dobbie home.

Rover prioritizes the safety of our community. In the rare event that a safety issue occurs during a booking, our 24/7 Trust and Safety team will conduct a thorough investigation and take appropriate action. In this instance, the sitter has been removed from our community and can no longer offer services through our platform.

Rover offered a $1,000 dollar reward for Dobbie’s return and sent notices to nearby dog sitters, veterinarians and shelters, but there is still no sign of Belsky's beloved dog.

How To Find a Reliable Dog Sitter

One of the best ways of finding a sitter you can trust with your pets is to ask friends and family who they use. Ask on your social media page to find someone who people you know can vouch for.

Get references! If you hire people for a job, you get references—this is a job, and a most important job. It never hurts to check people's backgrounds out and make sure they are who they say they are and they know how to do what they say they know how to do.

Make sure you fully explain what you expect the pet sitter to do, as far as walking, feeding and how many times per day they will visit your pet. Discuss fees, payment methods, cancellation policies, and any additional charges for extra services or special requests.

Ask them what they will do in case of emergency, if your dog is lost, or if your animal gets sick. Make sure you have multiple ways of contacting them, and let them know how often you wish to be contacted and if you want photos of your pet texted to you.

Before leaving your pet in the care of a new pet sitter, consider arranging a trial visit or short-term pet-sitting session to evaluate their compatibility with your pet and their ability to follow instructions. Monitor your pet's behavior and well-being during the trial period and address any concerns or issues that arise. Trust your instinct! If your pet seems uncomfortable or if you feel the vibe is off with their interactions with your pet, keep looking.

It's always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to our fur babies.

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