Mini Dachshunds Help Mom Announce Her Pregnancy to Dad in the Sweetest Way

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Before my family rescued a dog during my freshman year of high school, I had no idea just how close dogs and their owners could get. I loved watching my friends and their families share milestones, celebrate holidays, and take vacations with their four-legged friends, but actually experiencing that kind of companionship is simply magical.

My family's precious cockapoo has been my BFF through high school, university, and a global pandemic--and now he's even going to be part of my wedding! I hope to never watch a milestone pass by without a furry friend by my side, which is why I absolutely shed a tear watching one dog mom's adorable pregnancy announcement. She thought of the cutest way for her mini Dachshunds to help her announce the big news to her husband, and I'm warning you now--you may need a tissue, too. Check out their priceless March 29 video!

Congratulations to the expecting parents and the big siblings-to-be! The months before a baby arrives can be one of the most exciting times of a family's life, and it's so special to see these loving fur babies included in the milestone moment. These sausage dogs won't have to worry about feeling left out when their little sibling arrives, either--they're going to be a part of every moment!

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The happy dogs may not know what exactly they're helping Mom surprise Dad with, but they sure are glad to be involved. It will be an adjustment when their baby brother or sister comes home in a few months, but judging by the way they're so involved in their parents' lives, they're going to be excellent family dogs.

Why Do Dogs Hold Toys in Their Mouths?

Not only were these long-haired Dachshunds overjoyed to see Dad after his 3-month deployment, but they also knew precisely what to do with the new teddy bear. Wilbur often grabs a toy when he's greeting someone who just came home, so all the credit goes to his mom for thinking ahead. It's such a sweet yet subtle way to surprise her unsuspecting husband!

But why do dogs carry toys in their mouths when greeting someone? This could be an attempt to play, but it's more likely a displacement behavior that happens when a dog has feelings so big they don't know what to do with them. Wilbur is channeling his excitement into carrying his toys, and if that's not one of the cutest greetings of all time, I truly don't know what is. The adorable pregnancy announcement was the icing on the cake of this incredible family moment, and it was all thanks to two happy little Dachshunds.

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