Michael Sheen’s BBC drama The Way leaves viewers divided

The Way,1,Glynn (MARK LEWIS JONES), Dee (MALI HARRIES),Red Seam,Jon Pountney
Created and directed by Michael Sheen, The Way imagines a world in which a family become caught up in a civil uprising in the town of Port Talbot. (BBC) (BBC/Red Seam/Jon Pountney)

The Way debuted on BBC on Monday, 19 February and the Welsh drama has been met with both praise and derision by viewers who watched it.

Created and directed by Michael Sheen, the dystopian series imagines a world in which a family become caught up in a civil uprising in the town of Port Talbot. As the unrest takes a dramatic turn, the Driscolls are forced to flee and discover the dangers that lurk outside their door.

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The series stars It's A Sin breakout Callum Scott Howells, Steffan Rhodri, Mali Harries, and Sophie Melville as the Driscoll family, while actors like Luke Evans, Aneurin Barnard and Sheen also appear.

While the three-part drama aired its first episode on BBC One, the other episodes became available to binge on BBC iPlayer for those who couldn't wait to continue. Several viewers have shared their thoughts on the show on social media, namely X formerly known as Twitter, where they appeared divided into those that adored the series and those that didn't.

The Way,1,Owen (CALLUM SCOTT HOWELLS),Red Seam,Jon Pountney
The series stars It's A Sin breakout Callum Scott Howells (pictured), Steffan Rhodri, Mali Harries, and Sophie Melville as the Driscoll family. (BBC) (BBC/Red Seam/Jon Pountney)

One viewer remarked that the series "is head-spinning and, frankly, kind of nuts", adding that they felt it was a "refreshing" series because of the way "Wales and Welshness depicted so honestly, and so brutally" and they remarked that it was "a good antidote to all those patronising underdog stories that usually make up Welsh cinema."

Another person felt similarly, writing: "It's true, life in Wales is as bonkers as depicted in 'The Way'. Bit like the people in Wales really, we're all bonkers here... I thought I would hate it but I bleeding loved it I did, and I gained knowledge from it too. Well done @michaelsheen"

Sharing their delight over the show, a viewer also said: "Well this is an absolutely breathtaking bit of television. A beautiful & terrifying mixture of brutal reality & perfectly weaved in uncomfortable fantasy. Da iawn to all involved"

One person also said: Well, #TheWay was a stonkingly great piece of drama! Yes, I binged all 3 episodes!! Not sure I’ll completely decode the message I take from it ont-il I’ve thought about if for a couple of days (& I won’t be able to stop thinking about it), but it felt profound & very meaningful…"

The Way,Michael Sheen,Behind-the-scenes image ,Red Seam,Jon Pountney
Viewers were left divided by Michael Sheen's new show, with some calling it "breathtaking" and others arguing it didn't "make sense" to them. (BBC) (BBC/Red Seam/Jon Pountney)

On the other end of the spectrum, one person hit out that after watching the first episode they felt it was "an hour of my life I'm not getting back, nothing made sense from start to finish." One viewer also said that they were confused by what they watched, writing: "I have no idea what’s going on. It seems like a Years & Years/Black Mirror mash-up set in Port Talbot".

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Sharing scathing criticism of the series, one person said: "Watched Michael Sheen #theway what a utter load of garbage worst writing in a long time only way to describe the acting was well the wooden top family would have done better shocking how bad this is and I live there"

There were those that provided more constructive criticism though, as one viewer said: "I honestly don't know what to make of it. In some ways, I think a more grounded, slow build character focused approach could've served the story better, rather than the more quick cut and artsy cinematographic choices. Will still be watching."

Acknowledging the way the series has already divided viewers, one person wrote: "I think #TheWay is absolutely phenominal work by @michaelsheen & co. Dark, dystopian, dramatic fantasy. But still scarily reality-driven, especially if you know Port Talbot. It seems to have divided opinion. And so it probably should - such a work probably should be challenging."

One viewer felt similarly about the show, writing: #TheWay is so much more than just another TV drama. Allegorical, mythical, relevant and very moving. And such an essence of Cymru."

The Way continues on BBC One on Monday, 26 February at 9pm, and all episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

Watch the trailer for The Way:

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