Mel Giedroyc crowns Britain’s Best Woodworker in new TV series

Mel Giedroyc has crowned Misti Leitz as Britain’s Best Woodworker in a new Channel 4 series.

Presenting the finale on Thursday, comedian and broadcaster Mel joked: “I will enjoy the tinnitus that you have given me, I will remember you fondly when my ears are just ring-a-ding-dinging.”

Misti, a sculptor from Ludlow, was crowned the winner on Thursday by judges award-winning architect Alex de Rijke and queen of furniture making Helen Welch after a six-week series.

On winning, she said: “It feels amazing. I’ve always questioned how good I am at things, but I am the winner. It feels really really good.”

“There’s no doubt that I live my life differently and I did want other people to see that actually it’s OK, you can be whatever you want in this life and you can succeed at things in this life despite your differences. Everybody should just be them and do their thing and be happy.”

In the final big build challenge of the series, Misti and her fellow finalists, Charlie and Radha, were asked to create a garden building.

Misti made an intricate garden lounge built from cedar and raised off the ground with steps leading to cushioned seating and a roof of fabric shades.

Series judge Helen Welch, founder of the London School of Furniture Making, said of Misti: “She’s been great from the beginning, watching her grow has been a pleasure.”