'Meghan tried to calm things down between Harry and William'

Speculation of a feud between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex began to mount at the end of last year.

It was seemingly sparked by the announcement that Meghan and Harry planned to move to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor before the birth of their child.

Among the rumours were reports that there was a rift between Meghan and Kate, but The Sun’s royal correspondent Emily Andrew says that’s not the case.

Speaking on Yahoo UK’s ‘The Royal Box,’ Andrew reveals: “From all the people that I’ve spoken to, my understanding was it was Harry and William who had the difficulties and had fallen out.”

Andrews explains earlier on the episode that the royal brothers did not see each other in private for six months after the wedding last May, despite them then living next door to one another at Kensington Palace.

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Meghan, Harry and William watch the RAF centenary in July 2018 [Photo: PA]
Meghan, Harry and William watch the RAF centenary in July 2018 [Photo: PA]

She continues: “I think it’s certainly fair to say that Meghan and Kate are very different women.

“Kate and Meghan are both professionals, they know that they have to get on and also they’re sister-in-laws, they don’t have to be best friends and apparently they were playing Scrabble together at Christmas at Sandringham.

“Someone told me actually that it was Meghan who had tried to make peace, [she] had tried to calm things down between Harry and William.

“I think she’s a very good influence on Harry.”

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(left to right) Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge during the first Royal Foundation Forum in central London.
The couples pictured at the Royal Foundation forum last year [Photo: PA]

It’s been reported that William and Harry’s relationship has improved, following the split of their joint royal household in March.

Omid Scobie told Yahoo UK: “I think the best thing that could have happened for them was to now be in their separate households, working separately, being able to come together for special family moments and social occasions.”

The Cambridges and Sussexes are also reportedly set to part ways on their joint charity The Royal Foundation.

The next Royal Foundation board meeting on 19 June is expected to confirm the split but aides have said that it’s not the end for the four of them working on individual projects together.