Massachusetts Police Searching for Family of Kitten Found Wearing a Strawberry Dress

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The Massachusetts police are looking for help solving the most adorable mystery ever! A lost kitten was found in a driveway. And this just isn't any lost kitten, no sir, this adorable baby was found curled up in a driveway clad in a precious little dress with strawberries on it.

Everett Animal Control posted the following on Monday night.

Ummm... the post reads if "anyone knows who she belongs to" and a number to call and I am sorry, but this kitten belongs to ME. Even though I live nowhere near Massachusetts and this is not my kitten in my heart she belongs to me because ermahgahhhhhh she is the cutest thing ever.

Just look at this video they posted.

OH MY HEART. She has a little heart marking on her nose! She seems like just the sweetest baby ever. The post reads in part, "We are calling her Strawberry since the young Good Samaritan, who helped her, named her that.

Here is a better view of this kittens white and strawberry dress she had on- Does anyone recognize it?

She loves to lay in the ACOs lap and grab her hand with her paw until she gets some cuddles.This kitten is extremely affectionate and a family must be missing her."

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This angel has so many people in the comments wanting to take her. One person said, "If owner doesn't come forward I will take her. Omg she's adorable." Another added, "If you don’t find her family I’ll be her new family."

It also looks like she is a polydactyl cat - meaning she was born with extra toes!

I can't believe she doesn't have a microchip! You would think someone who cared enough to dress her up would also have her microchipped. I do hope her family is found soon, if not, then I am gonna start looking at flights in case, ya know, I can adopt her. She's just too cute. It's lovely they are trying to find her owner because yeah, if you find a stray pet there are steps you should take.

What To Do If You Find a Stray Pet

Sadly, you just can't keep any stray dog or cat (even if it is wearing a dress) you find wandering the streets. You first have to take the dog or cat to your veterinarian to see if they have a micro-chip. If they do, you have to contact the owner of the pet and see if the pet is lost or abandoned.

I know that it's tempting just to keep the animal, especially if you believe it's been homeless for a while, but if you were in this situation and your pet was lost you'd want someone to return the pet to you!

If the dog or cat isn't microchipped, you can search social media site and call your local animal shelters to see if anyone is looking for the animal. If you can't locate the owner, you should bring the pet to your veterinarian to get them checked out and to receive any shots they need, plus to get them microchipped so if they get lost again you will be contacted.

Adding another pet is such a wonderful experience for any family, and it's just magical when a stray pet finds you.

Anyone with information on who she belongs to is urged to call the Everett Police Dispatch at (617) 387-1212 or e-mail ACO [Animal Control Officer]

Or I will happily take little Strawberry!

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