Martha Stewart Mourns the Loss Of Her Persian Cat 'Empress Tang'

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On April 8, Martha Stewart, 82, announced the death of her pet cat, Empress Tang, on Instagram. The gorgeous calico Persian Cat had lived with Stewart since she was four-months-old and at the time of her passing she was 15.

Stewart's Instagram post is so sad!

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The post reads, "Empress Tang , my dearest tri color Persian , passed away this morning of natural causes She was an awesome cat she lived well, worked hard- she was in several Pretty litter ads and often in Martha Stewart Living We loved her so much!!"

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Stewart was an official spokesperson after having been a fan of the Pretty Litter brand for several years and using it for her two cats Princess Peony and Empress Tang.

Fans on Instagram offered their condolences about Empress Tang and one person said, "So sorry for your loss. She was so friendly and sweet when we visited." Another added, "It’s almost as bad as losing a child. They were there all the time for so long! So sorry!"

Martha Stewart is a Huge Animal Lover

Stewart told Today in 2019 that she has "hundreds and hundreds," of pets including six horses, 45 red canaries, and 13 peacocks.

She also has two Chow Chows.

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Sixteen peafowls.

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French Bulldogs.

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Bengal cats, and according to People Magazine, "An enthusiastic animal lover, Stewart claimed she once owned "20 cats, 25 dogs, 10 chinchillas, scores of canaries and parakeets, two ponies, three donkeys, 10 horses, many sheep and goats, hundreds of chickens, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl, quail, peacocks, and homing pigeons."

Martha's own website says that Martha has owned 15 pet chinchillas over the years. She also has two cows named Dandy and Clover.

Losing a pet is always so heartbreaking, especially one that has lived as long as Empress Tang did. She is survived by her Calico Persian sister Princess Peony.

I'm not sure how she can even care for and keep track of all of her pets (But yeah, I'm sure she has a lot of help with that) but basically Stewart is living the life any of us animal lovers can be jealous of. Our hearts go out to her over the loss of her beloved cat.

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