Man spends lockdown building an assault course for squirrels

Story and video from Newsflare

A man living in Willenhall spent lockdown making an obstacle course for squirrels in his back garden.

Wildlife enthusiast Dan Nock used his time at home during lockdown periods to construct the assault course and filmed the furry animals as they work hard for their food.

"I have always loved to see wildlife and anything I can do to help I will - this is why we built the small wild corner in our garden," Nock explained.

The compilation of clips shows several squirrels hurtling across the course and one even managed to knock over the camera.

"The assault course itself and the videos were primarily triggered by lockdown - two of my main hobbies are hiking and landscape, nature and wildlife photography and suddenly I couldn't really do either, I needed something to keep me entertained!

 "So not only is it nice to see these animals thriving, but it gave me something to video and photograph with a project to keep me busy.

"We have seen quite an increase in wildlife including hedgehogs, foxes, field mice, tons of birds and of course the squirrels. Considering this is a fairly urban area it has been quite a success.

"The course was started in early 2020, recordings started around May 2020 and continue to this day."