Man Introduces His ‘Perfect TV Dog’ Pit Bull and Everyone Wants One


Do you have a couch potato dog who loves to snuggle up and watch TV? If so, you're lucky! Most dogs will cuddle up, but they don't really watch TV along with you. People Magazine shared a video on their Instagram account of a guy named Ian Matthew introducing us to his perfect TV dog, and he couldn't be more right with that description!

Ian doesn't tell us his Pit Bull's name, but that's okay because everybody's just referring to him as TV dog. Not only that, but everybody also now wants one, including me! Watch to see why Ian's dog really is perfect.

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Now I don't just want, but I need a TV dog! People even said in their comment, "We need a TV dog ASAP. LOL!" Commenters all want one, too. @qdpi9779 swooned, "The way the pupper nestled into his neck!!" @HydeKyote pointed out, "That TV support that leads to sleep support." @Kathy Reid8226 wondered, "Awww! Who's happier?" @sinamin76 said it best, "TV Dogs ROCK!"

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Why Some Dogs Enjoy Watching TV

If you're like me, you might have been told as a kid that dogs are color blind, but recent studies show that dogs can see two primary colors, tones of blues and yellows. If you search for shows that dogs like to watch on YouTube for example, you'll notice a lot of those colors in the shows.

Take for example the TV show Bluey that so many dogs love. Bluey is a 6-year-old Blue Heeler puppy, and the show focuses on her and her younger sister Bingo, and their family. Each cartoon teaches something about family, imagination, and friendship, and always includes the siblings getting into a little bit of mischief. Kids love it, but dog owners everywhere say that their dogs love it just as much as the kids do! Whether it was on purpose or not, the cartoon seems to use a lot of these colors, making it a show that dogs can actually "see" in color. This is why so many fans think that dogs love to watch it.

I've seen many TikToks of dogs watching TV, but the ones when they are watching Bluey are a different story...they seem to be paying attention and following along with the show! Dogs also like to watch shows with dogs, cats, and of course food, and sometimes even think that the animals are in the living room with them! For whatever reason they all choose to watch the show, one thing is for certain; dogs really do seem to love Bluey. And check out this cool movie that was created just for dog loves it!

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