Man Captures a Herd of Deer’s Attention by Playing Handpan in Cool Video

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Some animals listen to music like humans, and their reactions to it can be very interesting. Mr. James Crossley is a musician who plays the gong and the handpan and he often visits the parks of London to play for whoever - or whatever - wants to stop and listen. He shared a video in May of him playing the handpan when a herd of deer stopped to enjoy the beautiful sounds he creates.

Make sure your sound is on because this music will bring a moment or two of Zen to your day. It's so relaxing! And I'm not the only one who thinks so since an entire herd of deer were enjoying it too. Look how intently they're all watching him!

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Wasn't this cool to watch?! His music is so relaxing and I could listen to it all day. I wish we could've seen if the deer approached him or if he approached the deer. Commenter @mylam_runner wondered the same thing, "Wow, did they join you or you went near them instead?" and James replied, "They joined for 30 minutes or so. I agree with @waynehowardsaunders who said, "What an audience to play to!" and @kaz_lenehan added, "Are you kidding… that’s a dream. Drawn to the music."

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Animals and Their Love of Music

Another commenter replied to James' video, "Oh wow they stay so close! Obviously love the music!" Like these deer, a wide variety of animals enjoy listening to music. Many studies have found that many animals enjoy music much like humans do.

Birds love music, whether it's songs that they can make on their own or music made by humans. Researchers at Emory University found that when birds hear birdsongs, they respond to the music similarly to how humans do. Pathways that the human brain employs when it listens to music are the same ones that a bird brain employs. This explains why parrots love to sing and dance so much!

Studies have shown that cows actually produce more milk when they are listening to music. Dr. Adrian North, told the BBC, “Calming music can improve milk yield, probably because it reduces stress.” I'm not sure if this cow produces milk or not, but she loves music so much that she dances to it! And this wallaby rocks out and even plays air guitar!

Elephants are also huge fans of music. Paul Barton is a world renown pianist who used to play in front of packed concert halls. He decided to give that up, and headed to Thailand where he now plays for blind and handicapped elephants. When he sits down to play, the elephants are drawn to the music much like the deer were and will stay and listen to him for as long as he plays. It's a beautiful thing to see!

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