Maine Coon Kitten's Classic Orange Cat Behavior Is Cracking People Up

CC Nadia Cruzova/Shutterstock

Cats are so sophisticated and refined — but that doesn't mean they don't have their embarrassing moments. We're thinking about orange cats in particular. These little guys are total klutzes. One Maine Coon Cat is being compared to these goofs because of a video that's gone viral online.

Milo isn't an orange cat, he's a Red Maine Coon. But his behavior wasn't going to help him beat the orange cat allegations.

Poor little guy. He was primed to make his big debut to the world and things didn't go according to plan. His owner was in the car with the Maine Coon kitten when she tried to introduce him to the internet.

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"Here he is," she said to the camera, as Milo leapt up onto the center console. Unfortunately, the little guy didn't quite stick the landing and his swift tumble down to the ground is just the tiniest bit funny.

Don't worry though. The cat wasn't harmed while making the clip, his mama wrote in the caption.

People in the comments section couldn't stop laughing at the cat's misstep. "He is orange before he is a Maine Coon," joked one commenter. "He absolutely has orange cat behavior!" another commenter exclaimed. "I can only imagine how defiant an orange Maine Coon is," a third person chimed in. "Why are Maine Coons so clumsy? Mine falls off EVERYTHING," someone else wondered.

Maine Coon Cats Are Clumsy

Maine Coons are majestic. They're affectionate. And yes, they're downright cute. But that doesn't negate the fact that these little guys are definitely uncoordinated.

Main Coons are gentle giants. But they have a tendency to misjudge heights and are somewhat prone for falling off of surfaces. It's part of their charm! That does, however, mean the typical Maine Coon owner has to get used to the thud of their cat falling.

Maine Coons are otherwise pretty much the perfect pets. They're affectionate and love lounging next to their owners. Unlike other breeds, these cats aren't needy either. They're perfectly fine entertaining themselves and won't beg for attention.

But Maine Coon Cats are affectionate. They are very friendly. So much so, that people sometimes joke they are "dog-like" cats. They also follow their humans around the house, which is sort of canine-ish.

The bottom line is that Maine Coons are hilarious. Even when they don't mean to be these cats will surely put a smile on your face.

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