Maine Coon Cat Loves Water So Much He Even Paddleboards with Mom

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Maine Coon cats are thought of as highly unusual cats, with characteristics and behaviors that you don’t always see in your average kitty. These include their enormous size, their shaggy tails, their playful, “puppy” nature, and—perhaps the most surprising of all-their love of swimming.

Though most domestic cats disdain water, swimming is a beloved pastime of many large wild cats, like jaguars and tigers, and it’s definitely one that many Main Coon cats love as well. This Maine Coon loves to swim so much it’s even learned to go paddle boarding.

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Maine Coon cats are far from the only type of cat to like water. In fact, the rare breed of Turkish van cat is actually nicknamed “the swimming cat” due to its affinity for water. And any kind of cat can exhibit a fondness for water, while many others can be trained to appreciate water sports as well. If there’s one thing to know about cats: there are no rules.

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Maine Coon Fisher, who lives in Florida, was clearly named right, as he shows no fear in paddleboarding with Mom, as well as hopping in and having a little swim, even in the salt water!

Is a Maine Coon Right For You?

Maine Coon cats are a beloved breed growing in popularity. There are many legends about the breed’s origin, particularly due to heir large size, unusual facial shape and ear tufts, and thick coats. They have friendly, companionable personalities and are considered “gentle giants”—a good cat to have around a family due to their sweet personalities and affinity for performing tricks.

But these traits, while desirable for a lot of people, can also mean that a Maine Coon is more high-maintenance than your average kitty. They are active and can get bored easily, and they will want to spend a lot of time being entertained by you. Additionally, their luscious fur coats shed a lot and can be prone to matting (especially if they do go for a swim).

How To Train Your Cat To Paddleboard

Training your cat to do anything is a series of baby steps, and it starts with making sure your cat is the type who will tolerate water. Not all cats will, even if they are supposedly a water-friendly breed.

Test your cat out on water in a safe environment, like a bathtub or a baby pool. Make sure they are comfortable with being wet and getting splashed before proceeding any further.

And don’t forget about safety measures. Anytime you’re out on the water with your pet, it’s important that they are wearing a harness and feline life jacket. This will help both you and your pet feel confident on the open water. You don’t want to do anything to endanger your cat.

The next step to accustoming your cat to water sports is making sure they have a safe space to “retreat to” on a boat in case they get nervous, like a cat carrier or backpack. Associate this carrier with happy fun times, rather than, say, trips to the vet. Once they start craving time in the carrier, you can bring it out on the water.

Maybe your cat will be a total water baby, like this Maine Coon. Many cats crave adventure, and these kinds of activities are a fun and rewarding way to spend time with your favorite furry friend.

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