Maine Coon Cat Is So Excited To Go Hiking She Gets on Her 'Tippy Toes'

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May cat hates being in the car. Even for short trips to the vet she sits in her carrier and wails the entire time, as if I was torturing her. As a lifelong dog owner, who daily took my dog in the car with me to go hiking or even on longer road trips, I was slow on the uptake when it came to realizing that no, she was not going to eventually settle down. And I dare not take her out of the carrier. Once, in seeking to escape my car, she actually climbed inside the seat through an aperture so tiny it took three helpers at a rest stop to get her extricated.

All of which is to say that I do not have an adventure cat. The beautiful Maine Coon cat in this video, however, loves going out so much, she can barely stay in the car for another reason.

In this video, a large, fuzzy Maine Coon in a hiking harness is arriving at the trailhead of her favorite hiking trail, and she definitely knows it. She’s got her front paws balanced on the dashboard, her entire body straining forward as they arrive at their destination. As they pull up to the trailhead, she even sticks her face out of the barely-open window of the car.

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Wow, I guess Maine Coons really are like dogs.

What’s an Adventure Cat?

“Adventure cat” is a term meant to differentiate cats who you purposefully take outdoors for walks, hikes, and other outings from an “outdoor cat”—a cat who lives part or all of their life outside your house. The debate rages on about whether or not letting housecoats outside is safe or healthy for them or the environment, but adventure cat behavior is entirely different. This is more like when you take your dog for walks. It involves leashes, harnesses, carriers, and you being with your cat the whole time.

But before you can get started, better make sure your cat is the type who even wants to walkabout.

How to Go Hiking With Your Cat

Some cats love going outside. Mine, as I explained above, is a traumatized little beast, and hates even the idea of chilling with me on a covered porch. Who knows what trials befell her in the years before she came under our care?

Other cats will dash for the door the second you open it a crack.

If your cat has shown curiosity about going outside, they may be the type who would enjoy a little adventure. Cat harnesses are the safest way to make sure your little furry friend can’t wriggle out of your leash and escape if you take them outside. They also make backpack-style cat carriers for cats who like to explore, but also want to retreat to the safety of their human palanquin.

When taking your cat outside, it’s important to follow certain health guidelines. Make sure your cat is up to date on all their vaccinations, especially against diseases they may encounter in the wilderness, like rabies. They should also be put on heart worm medication, because hte condition is spread by mosquitos, as well as being treated for both fleas and ticks.

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