Maine Coon Brothers' Treat Training Tricks Have Everyone Seriously Impressed

CC Nils Jacobi/Shutterstock

People on the internet are positively swooning over the way that two Maine Coon Cats "earn" their treats. It's not just that the pair show a little patience before getting the grub. These two very talented kitties have several tricks up their sleeves and can show them off at the drop of a hat.

Call these two the dynamic duo because Rocco and Ozzy have their act down pat.

We'd have to say that training is going well, judging by the video the Maine Coon Cats' owner shared online. Both Rocco and Ozzy know exactly what to do when they want something, as a recent video on their page proves.

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In the clip, Ozzy was the first to let it be known that they were hungry. The Maine Coon knew to ring a bell to get his owner's attention and was ready when his owner asked for some high fives and to shake hands. What a good boy! Then it was Rocco's turn and he did just as well. These guys are just too talented.

Commenters online thought so too. "Little brother did great!" one person praised. "I love it when they tap the bell!!" another person gushed. "Rocco is such a good big brother," a third commenter chimed in.

Cat Training Basics

Not every pet can naturally be at Rocco and Ozzy's level, but they can start somewhere. When you think of pet training, most people immediately think of dogs. But even though many behaviors come naturally to cats, cats can use training too. 

One area that definitely needs to be addressed is the litter box. Your cat needs to use it. Even if they have access to an outdoor space — trust us, you're going to want them to know how to use the litter box. Start by showing your cat the box and then placing them inside after meals or when it appears they're about to go to the bathroom. Soon they'll head to the litter box all on their own.

Something else to think about is getting your cat around. Ask anyone who's had to take their cat to the vet — it's not an easy task. Teaching them to use their cat carrier is tricky. You'll need to ease them into finding the carrier to be comfortable. Put the carrier in a frequently trafficked area of your home and then fill it with some of their favorite toys and treats. Let them enter the carrier and get acclimated. Make sure to offer them treats for entering the carrier and staying put. Then try closing the carrier and walking it around your house. This process could take some time, so try and be patient with them. Cats aren't exactly the most coachable creatures, but with a little time they can totally come along.

These are just a few skills that we can teach cats to make life easier. We don't even want to think of how many hours it took to teach Rocco and Ozzy to high five.

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