MAFS Australia's Mitch's shock return divides fans as he talks Ella regrets

Eden and Jayden's wedding day
There was a familiar face at Eden and Jayden's wedding. (Channel 4) ((Red Arrow/Nine))

What did you miss?

Married At First Sight Australia fans saw a familiar face make a shock comeback at one wedding as the groom was revealed to be the brother of Mitch Eynaud.

Viewers had thought they spotted season nine star Mitch in the crowd at a wedding in a teaser for Wednesday's episode, where it was revealed that he is the brother of groom Jayden.

His reappearance in the E4 dating show split opinion amongst fans, as he opened up on the regrets he has over the end of his relationship with Ella Ding.

What, how, and why?

Eden and Jayden's wedding day
Jayden's brother is MAFS star Mitch. (Channel 4) ((Red Arrow/Nine))

Eagle-eyed Married At First Sight Australia viewers were sure they had spotted season nine groom Mitch Eynaud in the crowd at Jayden's wedding - but not everyone was pleased to see him back on the show.

Mitch's comeback was trailed ahead of Wednesday's episode and relationship expert John Aiken explained his relationship to kickboxer Jayden, saying to the new season star: "Your family have a relationship with Married At First Sight, particularly your brother Mitch who I had the pleasure of spending season nine with."

Fans watched as Mitch accompanied his brother on a shopping trip for his wedding suit and supported him at the ceremony with bride Eden, describing the experience as "nostalgic" a number of times. Mitch said: "It's very nostalgic coming in here and watching him trying on suits. It's bringing back memories."

However, Mitch had appeared to lead on bride Ella two years ago and split up with her shortly after the show ended and striking up a close friendship with another bride, Tamara Djordjevic, who had claimed he pursued her during filming.

Jayden seemed keen to distance himself from his brother's reputation as he said: "He's my brother, I love him to death, but when it comes to relationships we're very different. A lot of people assume that because we're brothers, I'm the same - that I have trust issues like him. They think that I'm a bit of a smart arse like him, they think that I have commitment issues like him."

Mitch admitted to "regrets" over his treatment of Ella, saying: "I didn't trust the experiment and looking back on it now, I wish I did trust it a little bit more. I found it very difficult to open up and be myself, but Jayden and I are very, very different. Ella was a great person but I wish I did trust her a little bit more."

"Ella is a great person, she's a beautiful girl, and I have a huge amount of regret," he added.

How did viewers react?

Eden and Jayden's wedding day
Eden and Jayden instantly fell for each other. (Channel 4) ((Red Arrow/Nine))

But viewers couldn't agree on whether they were pleased to see him back as one person wrote on X: "MITCH!! I thought I saw him yesterday in the teasers," and someone else added: "It's good to see Mitch again!"

Someone else commented: "Why are we seeing Mitch he had his turn and messed it up," and another viewer wrote: "Just don’t take any of Mitch’s advice and you should be great." One viewer added: "Mitch - Jayden is different... We'll be the judge of that."

"Has nobody noticed Mitch??? He's defo noticed some of the girls on the brides side!!!," one person commented on the wedding.

Others felt he was getting too much screen time as one person commented: "Why is this suddenly turning into the Mitch show???," and someone else joked: "I hope Jayden, Mitch and Eden have a great honeymoon."

What else happened on Married At First Sight Australia?

There was bad news for Michael. (Channel 4) ((Red Arrow/Nine))

Mitch resurfacing at a wedding wasn't the only drama from Wednesday night's instalment - there was bad news for would-be groom Michael who was told his match had dropped out of the show.

Relationship expert John Aiken told him: "I've got some real shocking and disappointing news," but added that they were working to try to find him a new groom.

Michael said: "I feel like somebody just ripped my heart out of my chest."

The episode also featured a wedding between Natalie and Collins - where the bride managed to stumble on her walk up to the aisle three times and eventually had to be carried by producers.

Married At First Sight Australia airs on E4 at 7.30pm Monday to Thursday.

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