Lyft Driver Quit His Job To Start a Taxi Service with His Collie Dog

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John Diles out of Athens, Ohio, was de-platformed from his job driving for Lyft because his sidekick was a beautiful Collie dog named Albert. A customer complained about Diles having Albert along for the ride, so John came up with a very cool new business plan.

He decided to start his own taxi service with Albert riding along and named it 'Albert's Taxi.'

WOUB reports, "It costs $10 to ride with Albert in and around Athens. Diles said more than 90% of his customers are with people excited to see the dog.He looks back now and is thankful Lyft fired him. He wants other people who live in smaller towns to start their own taxi business because “it works.” And it allows Diles to spend his days with his best friend.“I don’t know what I would do without him,” he said. “I’m 71, and he is 3, so I think we may go out at about the same time. I hate to think about it.”

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Diles was quoted as saying, "“I get to share him, and I get to see how much joy he brings,” Diles said. “If you don’t like the dog, you don’t need to ride in Albert’s Taxi; we don’t need you around.”

At 71-years-old, I think it's wonderful Diles has found a way to do something he loves with his dog that he loves by his side, and $10 for a taxi ride is dirt cheap.

If I ordered a taxi and a dog showed up in it, I'd be requesting that car every time I needed taxi service.

If Diles and Albert has inspired you to quit your day job and start your own driving service, here are some tips to keep your dog safe in the car.

How To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Car

First of all, never leave your dog unattended in your car, no matter how long you'll be away from them. Temperatures in cars can get very hot or very cold quickly, and it's just not worth risking your fur baby's life.

Make sure you secure your dog in a crate or carrier specifically designed for car travel. Or use a special seat restraint designed for dogs. This provides a safe and secure space for your dog and prevents them from roaming around the car, which can be dangerous for both the dog and the driver.

Never, ever let your dog ride in the front seat or on your lap, as they can be seriously injured by airbag deployment in the event of a crash.

If you're driving a long distance, make sure you pack all of their essentials like food, toys and a water bowl and take frequent breaks to let your pup do their business and have playtime and exercise.

If you are interested in booking a ride with Albert's taxi, you can do so on their Facebook page here.

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