Lucy Watson reveals ‘life or death situation’ during ‘traumatic’ birth of son

Reality star Lucy Watson has said she feared her baby son would not survive the “life or death situation” as she detailed her “traumatic” birth story.

The former Made In Chelsea star, 33, had her first child with husband James Dunmore, Willoughby James Watson-Dunmore, last month.

In a lengthy video on TikTok, Watson said she finally felt ready to talk about what happened, saying: “It’s taken me a while to want to do this, not only because I don’t have any time anymore to myself, but also because I think it was just a little bit of a traumatic experience.

“So I just kind of needed to process it, come to terms with it, and be able to tell the story without crying.”

Watson said that shortly before giving birth a scan showed the umbilical cord was around the baby’s neck and head, and she was advised it would be wise to get him out.

After being induced, she said the baby became more distressed and his head started swelling as he struggled to get out of the birth canal.

She said: “You could tell everyone was really worried and the alarm was going off for a while we were like, what is happening?

“They came in and they just said, like, we need to get him out, he’s not in a good way, he’s in distress, this is a life or death situation, we need to get him out, we need to do an emergency caesarean.

“At that point I obviously cried. I was really upset, I didn’t want to have a caesarean, especially in emergency situation.

“I was really worried about my son, I thought there was a chance we were going to lose him.

“I was worried for my own life as well. But we went through and it will happened really quickly.”

She continued: “It took about 10 minutes and they got him out and they showed him to me and then they need to take him away straightaway to check that he was okay.

“But his head was three times the size of what it is now, it was really, really swollen. You could tell that had been struggling.”

Watson said Dunmore was “incredible” throughout and did not leave her side.

She added: “I think James were just hysterically crying, we were just so relieved that he was ok.

“It was all handled extremely well, really professional, I felt supported the whole way through.

“I was scared and didn’t really love the way that it turned out but as far as emergency scenarios goes, I feel like it was a good emergency scenario, if that makes sense.”

Made In Chelsea documented the relationship between Dunmore and Watson before they left the show in 2016.

The next year Watson said on Instagram that they had bought their first home together.

The couple married in 2021 and Watson wore a white off-the-shoulder dress with a long sweeping veil and a ruffled skirt.

In September 2023 they announced they were expecting their first child.