'Low Rider' Corgis List the Funny Reasons They Get Sent to 'Jail'

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It's no surprise that Corgis are referred to as 'low rider' dogs since they've got short little legs that leave them close to the ground. Maple and Morty Corgis' humans say that the two of them have bellies that are "magnets for every speck of dirt and crap", and because of that, they get a lot of baths that they lovingly refer to as 'jail'.

Their humans shared a video in mid-March of all of the reasons that Maple and Morty get sent to jail. Basically, anytime they are out of the house they get dirty and end up going to jail. Make sure your sound is on because it makes the cute video even better!

I love at the end that Maple and Morty's humans call them the cleanest low riders in the world! All of those baths confirm that they deserve the title. Corgi owners everywhere could relate. @Ashley Ortiz shared, "Our corgi Shadow is constantly bathed, whines the whole time unless it’s me doing the scrubbing, then immediately wants to roll around after!" @Kiann laughed at, "The butt scrub with the “right to jail” combo!!!" @Brunt Broccoli's comment cracked me up, "I have a high rider, and she also goes to jail!"

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Fun Corgi Facts

Corgis are such cool dogs, and so energetic...they love to stay busy! I love learning new facts about animals, so I thought I'd share some fun facts about the breed that I've learned since I started writing about pets.

The first fun fact learned about the breed is the origin of their name. "Corgi" means "Dwarf dog" in Welsh. The name makes a lot of sense since they have those cute little, short legs. But don't let their short legs fool you; Corgis are the smallest of the herding dog breed, and they are incredibly fast runners - they can run up to 25 MPH at top speed! It's been said that Corgis were brought by Vikings to Pembrokeshire back in the 10th century and Welsh legends say that Corgis come from a fairy kingdom and that fairies rode them...they're magical!

If you're a fan of Corgis, you might need to make a trip to Huntington Beach, California. Three times a year the city holds a SoCal Corgi Beach Day that more than a thousand Corgis attend. That's a lot of low riders all in one place and it would be a fun event to attend.

Corgis are a whole lot of energy wrapped into one small package! They are fun, bossy, absolutely adorable, and I'd love to have one! But there's a big turnoff for me that struck them off of our list when we were researching dog breeds we were considering for our next pet. Corgis are known to be big barkers, something I'm just not willing to deal with. That's why it's important to do your research before picking out a pup just because it's cute - like me, you might find the cons (even just one!) of a breed outweighs the pros.

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