Lost Pet Snake Returns Home With Help from Unlikely Source


A resident in Spennymoor, County Durham, lost her pet snake Angus about a year ago, and the three-foot-long pet returned home in the most bizarre way imaginable.

With a little help from a crow.

The RSPCA posted on Facebook, "We were called to help a three-foot-long corn snake after a homeowner spotted her in the garden. When we arrived, the snake had vanished - and was then discovered on the roof of a garage! We suspect that a crow had given the snake a not-so-helpful 'leg-up', but thankfully we were able to come to her aid. It turns out that Agnes the snake had been missing for over a year! She was found to have a respiratory infection from being outside in the cold, but it's a miracle that she survived at all after so long. She has been treated for this and we'll be finding her a new home in due course as her owner can no longer keep her."

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So now only did this snake survive outside on her own for over a year, she was returned home by a crow! It's so sad her owner can no longer keep her but we are sure someone will give this amazing miracle snake a wonderful forever home in no time.

Do Corn Snakes Make Good Pets?

Corn snakes are a fantastic type of snake for a first time snake owner because they are both calm and non-aggressive. They are easy to handle, but if they do get frightened they can strike their owner's hand. They can also let you know if they are feeling frightened or threatened by vibrating their tail.

Corn snakes don't need super large enclosures, at least at first, but they can grow up to be 3-6 feet long so their terrarium size should be adjusted as they grow so they have adequate space to explore and sleep. Daily temperatures should be on the warm side should range from 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit while the basking area can go up to 88-90F.

While corn snakes are known to be curious, they are not particularly adept at escaping from secure enclosures, which is why it's pretty weird that this pet snake got out to begin with! Here's hoping her new owner keeps her in a more secure spot!

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