Speedy canine races owner down mountain

Story and video from SWNS

This amazing footage shows the bond between man and dog as a faithful canine runs alongside his owner at incredible speeds as they snowboard down a mountain slope together.

Haytham Hobeika was filmed with his dog Whiskey on the slopes near his hometown in Basking, Lebanon.

With the resorts being closed due to Covid-19 restrictions Haytham took matters into his own hands and hiked to a local beauty spot with his trusty German Shepherd and cameraman Roudy Doumit in tow.

Upon reaching the 2400m summit of ‘Mzar’ Roudy, 26 filmed the pair as Haytham began descending the slope followed closely by Whiskey who amazingly kept pace with the snowboard as it gathered speed.

Haytham, 36 said: “My dog is eight-years-old now, he is my best friend and loves snow like I do. He is a good boy”

See what happens in the video above.