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Top ten weirdest items packed for a holiday
  • A woman in her 40s from Sheffield took pictures of her dead cats with her everywhere she went as she regarded them as 'part of the family' and liked to put them up in her room.

  • A pensioner from Devon liked to fall asleep to the sound of her ticking clock, so always packed it in her suitcase despite it having an estimated diameter of one and a half feet.

  • A man from Leeds with a 'passion for fitness' wouldn't go anywhere without a set of dumbbells to supplement his morning workout. 

  • A widow from Lanarkshire said she took an urn filled with her husband's ashes everywhere to keep her late husband close by.
  • A man from Hereford claimed to have an 'obsession' with Worcester sauce flavour crisps and liked to eat at least two packets a day so always required room in his suitcase for the snacks.
  • A lady from Leicestershire said that she 'finds the texture comforting' so keeps some sheep's wool close to hand at all times. 
  • A man from Cambridge said that he and his wife had an 'exotic sex life' which they maintained even on holiday.

  • A man from Derby with extreme pyrophobia always packed a fire extinguisher in the event of emergency from force of habit as well as for peace of mind.

  • A man from Liverpool with a fear of flying took approximately fifteen 'lucky rabbit's feet' with him as in-flight good luck charms to ensure a safe landing.