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The UK's ugliest towns (according to Crap Towns)
  • Hemel Hempstead was named Britain's Ugliest Town in a poll in August 2013, run by the team behind the Crap Towns publications. Out of the 3,000 people who voted, the town got 785 votes.

  • Second place went to Luton,with 592 votes.
  • Air raids during the Second World War destroyed much of Slough, which was rebuilt rapidly to cope with the high demand from people moving from London. Slough has seen major development in the past five years - so watch this space.
  • Another town dominated by 1960s architecture, this town scored 338 votes.
  • 312 votes went to Brum.
  • Snapping at Birmingham's heels, Camberley garnered 311 votes.
  • 295 votes.
  • Hatfield just made it into the top ten, with 51 votes.
  • 48 votes.