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Guess the castle!
  • Gazing out across the Welsh landscape, this late 13th century castle keeps a watchful eye on Snowdonia. Its fascinating history includes a long seige her during the Wars of the Roses. Do you know its name?

  • Set in peaceful countryside near the Welsh border, this manor house dates back to the 11th century with a great hall that has remained unaltered since 1291. Recognise it?

  • A Tudor fan's paradise, this double-moated castle was once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn and dates back to 1270. The long gallery features costumed figures of Henry VIII . 

  • In 1588, it was here that the first beacon was lit to warn of the arrival of the Spanish Armada.

  • For 600 years, this castle did a rather good job of protecting Jersey from French invasion. Today, lifesize wooden soldiers guard the castle from attack to give the visitor a taste of its past life.

  • Built on a rock in the 13th century, this beautiful castle has been well preserved. Although it is privately owned, there are a number of private tours available each year. 

  • Perched on a rocky crag and only accessible via a three-mile causeway at low tide, this was originally a Tudor fort that was part of the national defence for more than 300 years. 

  • The sheer scale of this castle gives it a rather overwhelming presence and majestic persona. It was designed to echo the walls of Constantinople, and has remained unchanged ever since. 

  • One of the most iconic images of Scotland, this sixth century castle sits on an island at the point where three lochs meet, surrounded by majestic scenery. 

  • This spectacular artifice has wonderful coastal views. Although the building as it stands is relatively recent - much of it dates back to late Victorian times - the castle boasts a long history: it was once home to the kings of ancient Northumbria, and archaeological digs have unearthed some spectacular prehistoric finds. 

  • Recognise these famous rounded turrets? This medieval castle and royal residence in Berkshire was built by William the Conqueror. It's been used as a residence by royals since the time of Henry I. Know what it is?

  • Think you know your Eilen Donan from your St Michael's Mount? Go on then - let's see how many you can get...