Kitten falls down from the weight of his very dapper bowtie

Story and video from SWNS

Watch as this adorable little kitten topples over from the weight of his very dapper bowtie.

Brandon Rogers, 34, dressed fluffy Mr. Blue in the oversized piece of formalwear before he presented him as a gift to his young son.

“We threw the bowtie on him just before we gave him to our five-year-old son,” said Brandon, a restaurateur from Charleston, South Carolina.

“He sat there for a second, then toppled over once I turned the camera on. Our son loves sharks, so the bowtie has sharks on it.”

Brandon’s son was delighted with the gift and promptly named the kitten Mr Blue.

“We thought he would name him Sharkie, but he went with Mr. Blue,” said Brandon.

See what happens in the video above.