For week of 19 February

As astrology has a profound effect on our human world so it also influences the lives of our pets and just as the zodiac is divided up into 12 very different personality types it is perfectly natural that this should extend to animals. All these different traits can be explained by studying the astrological influences that determine their character and behaviour patterns. Now check out your own pet's horoscope to see what the stars say this week.


Staying home and looking after the person you share space with is a wonderful way to spend your days; the fact you're so appreciated for fulfilling this role makes even nicer. You're content to wink at neighbourhood friends from your window or other perch within your residence and have little interest in responding to any pressures from those who would entice you to come out and play. The sweet give and take you have with your housemate is all you need to make your world pleasant.


Change is the name of the game this week. One minute you're feeling free and easy, napping the afternoon away in a sunny spot or your favourite chair. The next minute you're pacing the floors, anxious and distracted. Don't panic, it's OK to feel out of control for a while. Look to your humans for a little extra affection.


You enter the week with silliness in mind, but would be wise to wait before actually launching into an onslaught! The possibility exists that your housemate is also in a playful frame of mind and may want you to join them in playing a joke on a friend or neighbour. Before you jump into the fray better consider whether or not the intended victim would suffer any undue ill effects from your antics. Put your communication skills to work and get your people to think about this!


Who better than you to handle the emotional issues that concern you and your housemates this week. It's not unusual for sentimental events to have a bigger effect on you than on others, but this need not be negative; in fact, it might be delightfully revealing! By approaching your people in an easy relaxed manner, you'll possibly become privy to some confidential information; then you can sleep the day away to deeply explore and find answers or advice in the realm of dreams!


You're even more energetic than usual this week, which is just fine with your owner. The two of you will have a great time romping, playing and mock-fighting. It's possible that you're quite fertile right now, so your friend should prepare accordingly. If babies aren't welcome, you should be kept away from creatures of your own species. Otherwise, this is an excellent time for you to bring new life into the world.


When something interferes with your attending to your usual activities, you might feel you've lost control over the very thing that makes you view your days as worthwhile. You're always on the lookout for things to do and ways to help those you live with, but with your regular duties interfered with; you're forced to find other ways to spend your time. Your companion appreciates everything you do, but they're truly happy to see you relaxing and enjoying deserved down time too.


Though you may be mildly out of sorts at the week's start, you'll ease into a more pleasant mood as the days go by. Perhaps you've been indoors too much and are need to go exploring, but try to curb your restlessness until those who care for you let you know that your wanderings out and about have their approval. Members of the household are especially busy now making preparations for a special event on Sunday so do whatever you can to co-operate.


Neither Sherlock Holmes nor Miss Marple could do any better than you at unravelling knots and conundrums that plague your family and housemates. The discoveries you make astound your human companions and they're learning to sit up and take notice when you alert them to what you've found. This isn't a demonstration to attract attention on your part, it's just your native intuition seems to be working overtime and leading you into situations that offer solutions to household problems. Well done!


It's quite possible your human companion will forget to feed you at some point this week, but don't panic. They're just distracted by an unexpected emergency. There's no real threat to your health here, just an oversight that will be corrected later in the day. Take a walk with a friend who lives down by the water and you'll come home feeling delightfully refreshed. Even if you feel fine, make more of an effort to exercise outdoors while the weather's good.


In the name of fondness for your family you put up with events that mystify or confuse you when an eccentric or fast talking individual comes to visit. Though you truly like this person, you think it a bit much when they attempt to adorn you with wigs sometimes used by stylish ladies or try to teach you to count. In the interest of preserving history, they'll likely record your progress; in going along with this program you demonstrate what a martyr you are for those you love.


Your home life may take a more serious tone than it has in the past. Perhaps your owner is undergoing a separation, or maybe health concerns are forcing a quieter lifestyle. Whatever the situation, you are prepared to make the best of it. Actually, your calm presence goes a long way toward easing the transition. Perhaps your pal should take a page from your book, especially as far as cultivating inner peace is concerned.


How you enjoy life when the weather is fine; agreeable conditions mean you and your favourite companion can get out and about. Whether you travel near or far, you'll hardly care; it only matters to you that you get out of the house, see something new and meeting different people. You make friends wherever you go, which creates a source of new gifts for you when special occasions arise. A soothing backrub at both ends of the week will have you emitting contented sounds!

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