For week of 16 October

As astrology has a profound effect on our human world so it also influences the lives of our pets and just as the zodiac is divided up into 12 very different personality types it is perfectly natural that this should extend to animals. All these different traits can be explained by studying the astrological influences that determine their character and behaviour patterns. Now check out your own pet's horoscope to see what the stars say this week.


When things don't go as planned it shakes you up. Though you begin the week well enough, as the days march on you get some criticism from your human companions for initiating a series of naughty activities. Likely, this leads to a scolding, which in turn leads to your eating too much; the next thing you know you have a tummy ache. It will take a few days and patience on your part to recover from this upset, but soon enough you'll hit your stride.


You get special enjoyment spending time in the kitchen and curling up in a comfy spot as your housemate cooks or entertaining a neighbour over a tea or a coffee. Considering this, the week and month ahead promise to be very special for you. Though visitors are welcomed, you're equally happy to spend time exclusively in the company of your companion. The best treats are their leftovers and any odds and ends of crumbs that land on the floor. You're completely happy to take care of them!


There are a few challenges to be met and overcome over the next few days. You haven't been successful in getting humans to change their mind about issue important to you. As the days pass energies open up and are more favourable to your hopes. Just remember that anything decided at this time is subject to change later.


You're especially eager to join in all the goings on as your family prepares pleasant events for your birthday month. Don't be too nosy though; your human friends want to be able to surprise you and if you discover all their secrets, you could spoil the fun. This week is likely to be a busy one as it's possible a traveller could come to stay at your home for a few nights; after that things return to normal and you can settle in for a needed nap!


If you've been a bit out of sorts, you'll be happy to know at the end of this week the emotional climate will shift to your liking. If the weather poses a problem, you can enjoy curling up in a cosy spot and dreaming the afternoon away. Part of your testiness may be due to lack of sleep, but there's no guilt in taking some extra rest if you feel you need it. Relax and be refreshed; consuming healthy treats is also helpful.


Deep dreams that come at the mid-week lead you to imagine an unusual solution to a problem your humans have been having. You're well equipped to translate the ideas you pick up during sleep and guide your companion to make choices that will benefit you both. When someone criticises your retreat to a corner where you appear to be doing nothing, it's because they don't understand how you operate. When your contribution is revealed they'll be left having to eat their words!


No matter what mischief you get yourself tangled in this week you have a way of coming out of it looking adorable. How you manage to keep yourself sitting pretty is something neighbouring pets wonder about. No matter what messiness you may get into, all who observe you are envious of your pitch perfect affect! Even your humans wonder what your secret is, as they wish they could do as well; it's an accepted phenomenon, you know, that attractive animals get preferential special treatment.


The deeper we get into the season, the more you notice the changing light and the play of shadows as you walk about. Though you enter the week in a happy rhythm you quickly slip into a serious mood as those you live with exhibit concerns you don't fully understand. Later the arrival of a few new items into your environment gives both you and your housemate a lift. If no one at home would be bothered, encourage your friend to bring fresh blooms into the house.


Think before you act; the plan you currently have in mind won't set well with those you live with. Once you take time to consider, you'll see that though surprises might make life interesting, the negative consequences that could result will see you on the worst end of a harsh scolding! Let good deeds be your refuge against what you may consider a dull week; you don't need to create any unusual excitement so just ease off and do what you know your family appreciates!


You rule the roost! You're still feeling great and living in grand style. Others will cave in to all of your demands, and that means plenty of compliments and special treatment. Ask and you shall receive. Try not to abuse this privilege, though. These are your friends, after all, not merely your 'fans.' Don't get too demanding.


Though you were hoping to maintain a party atmosphere, you'll shortly have your nose buried in practical domestic activities. Make the most of the attention you get from any visitors who pop in at the week's start so you can ride on that glow through what will likely turn out to be a somewhat dull period to follow. It's not that things are actually dull, it's all in the way you interpret what's going on; you'd rather play than take on responsibilities and generally consider obligations boring!


Nobody can figure you out this week, not even your closest friends! One minute, you're very seductive, and the next, you act as though you couldn't care less about companionship. You're not moody; you just like keeping creatures off balance. Secretly, you enjoy it when your owner expresses disbelief at your behaviour. It makes you realise just how much power you really hold in your household. 'Manipulation' could well be your middle name.

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