For week of 11 December

As astrology has a profound effect on our human world so it also influences the lives of our pets and just as the zodiac is divided up into 12 very different personality types it is perfectly natural that this should extend to animals. All these different traits can be explained by studying the astrological influences that determine their character and behaviour patterns. Now check out your own pet's horoscope to see what the stars say this week.


You've been all but floating above the clouds in recent weeks and as this week starts, you just about hit seventh heaven. Back on earth you can look forward to going to a place you and your companion will both enjoy. It's fun to anticipate experiencing something uplifting, especially something that involves acquiring treats for you and deepening psychic connections to people you and your housemate care for equally; prepare for this by clearing cobwebs out of your living space and out of your mind!


You could receive some delightful cast-offs this week, which is tons of fun. Don't be surprised if you're given some delicious table scraps or a soft new blanket. Such offerings are a testament to how loved and valued you are. Learning a trick may provoke your wrath this weekend, when you're not in the mood to follow your owner's lead. Resist the urge to act out, or you could find your privileges revoked.


Ah, the joy of listening to lovely music and seeing beautiful sights displayed on your TV screen, in a photo album, or right outside your window. At the heart of the moment is the fact that activity currently holds little interest for you, but finding a perfect spot on your people's lap or at their feet pleases both you and them. Such warm relationships are necessary for your well being and you thrive on getting as close as you can to those you care for.


Your workaholic ways are appreciated this week and will be put to good use if you present yourself for duty to those who feel the urge to redo a room that's bothered them. Once begun this adventure will lead to the unearthing of items that have been stashed away so long, your friend forgot they were even in the house. You'll likely find all this quite engaging and when all is said and done will be rightfully proud of your contribution and due for a reward!


You've always been easy-going and mild-mannered, and that won't change this week. In fact, you're so relaxed that you won't come when you're called! If your human pal wants to play, he or she had better tempt you with some tasty treats. Otherwise, you're apt to just sleep the day away. Things become considerably livelier on Sunday, when an attractive creature crosses your path. Could it be love?


You could start the week watching a TV drama with a special friend and by week's end find yourself enmeshed in a real life drama. It's best you keep your feet on the ground, whatever transpires, as it will be easy to get swept up in a web of details woven by someone who means well, but who's a bit misguided. If your feet lead you into a play being staged by youngsters, you'll find yourself being invited to be a regular member of their theatrical enterprises.


Being focused on yourself comes naturally to you, but it's time to draw a circle around your close relationships and put more concentration on the needs of those people and pets. This means less ego and more love; it will keep you in your companion's good graces and lead to more comforts in the long urn. To tame your rebellious feelings energise your exercise program; running around in permitted areas for stretches of time benefits you in more ways than you may now realise.


You won't much like having to stay home when you're so eager to get up and go at the very dawning of the week. Although they may wish to, your people might not be able to accommodate an excursion just now, so be patient. If you can't get away immediately the next best thing is to have friends come to see you and share tales of their travels! Once you've spent time together a request to visit them in their homes will surely be forthcoming.


How like you to make people sit up and take notice wherever you go. At least for the present time, you're quite irresistible and likely to be pursued by various sorts of enthusiasts, some human and some animal; no wonder you're feeling on top of the world! You'll be followed like a celebrity and possibly even receive gifts from some admirers, most likely something edible. These infatuations come and go so enjoy the attention while it lasts; it's best not to take it all too seriously.


Home repairs take centre stage when a large crack or crevice in a wall or floorboard is discovered. This has got your humans upset because the situation worsens when wind or water moves through the opening. Housemates who are disturbed will no doubt scurry around frantically trying to plug up the offending area. You actually find the whole thing not only interesting, but amusing. It's best if you try not to get in the way and avoid that section of home all together.


You're probably more comfortable with someone who comes back from the past than your human companion will be. This is a grand opportunity for you to be a mediator between people; though it will take time, it's certainly a worthy project! When everyone remembers the power of love, the situation will be smoothly and happily resolved and you'll be appreciated as the little creature who made it all happen! By next weekend, much will have changed for the better in your household.


Your determination to keep to your routine is challenged when an unexpected series of events turns things topsy-turvy. Though you don't want your companion to think you're avoiding a task you could assist with, you're better off staying out of the way for a period of time, even at the risk of being thought unhelpful. The way things play out, people with expertise in specialised areas will need to be called upon to offer remedies or solutions to the week's unpredictable happenings; stay alert.

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