For week of 21 August

As astrology has a profound effect on our human world so it also influences the lives of our pets and just as the zodiac is divided up into 12 very different personality types it is perfectly natural that this should extend to animals. All these different traits can be explained by studying the astrological influences that determine their character and behaviour patterns. Now check out your own pet's horoscope to see what the stars say this week.


This can be a creative and productive week for you if you stay alert and omit some of those long lazy naps; there's much too much to do to spend your days sleeping! Your human friends may want to take you to a class where you can learn new behaviours or some talented companions may want to spend time teaching you tricks. With these practices conquered you'll not only be able to entertain neighbours or visitors, you'll have a sense of having accomplished something special.


The next three nights are perfect for bonding or building closer ties with someone whose friendship you appreciate. There's even an opportunity for romance under the Gemini moon, but it's up to you to make the initial move. If it's your appetite for food that takes centre stage, you'll have the chance to sample some new treats along with enjoying all your regular favourites. All in all this is a period of indulgence for you, but be careful not to take this too far; you could end up with a sick tummy or the need to see a doctor!


It's easy for you to get in a snit when you're not given the respect you deserve. As far as you're concerned, you're the most important member of the household. When people don't treat you accordingly, you're prone to destruction. If your owner is smart, he or she will keep their favourite possessions under lock and key. Even so, you're smart enough to break locks and squeeze past barricades. Better just treat you like royalty!


A handful of surprises are in store as the week starts; when something happens that shakes your companion's world, you're the one who will save the day. Some events that pop up are pleasant enough, but others are enough to set your housemates heads spinning. In these instances you can help guide your humans through the situation to a place of calm. Just the fact that you're there attending to the details is enough to keep matters from becoming unmanageable.


Well, you surely have a lot to say for yourself these days, and there will be no stopping you! Some observers may think you're being ornery, but the one you live with understands you just have many opinions and interesting points of view you want to share. Interpreting some of these will be a challenge for your humans, but that's part of the joy of being together, you each learn to read each other's expressions! It's possible an unusual excursion will be scheduled; what fun!


Although you hate being kept to a routine, your owner would be wise to begin one for you. You've always been a bundle of nervous energy. Until your body falls into a regular pattern, you'll always feel anxious on some level. Hopefully, your human friend will put you on a regular feeding and exercise schedule. The improvements in your attitude and behaviour will be immediately apparent. It's time to tame your wild ways!


Your dream communication system is working at full tilt these days and you couldn't be happier. Having an active dream life makes you feel enriched and connected to a source of secret information, and what could be better than being plugged in to other worldly understandings? Enjoy this period, as at some time down the road you'll go into a less stimulating period. Don't let this idea upset you, with all you're experiencing now you'll need a stretch of time to muse over it all.


It may be best to conserve your energy this week, as you've got some big challenges ahead. Normally, you're eager to explore new territory, testing boundaries and trying everyone's patience. Right now, however, you're a little subdued and reserved. Your owner need not worry. You're just honouring your instincts. Getting extra sleep, savouring your food and adopting a more cautious approach will be par for the course.


Go with the changes occurring; you may not be getting as much attention you were earlier in the month, but that's all right, there's still plenty of reasons to have zest in your step. You may want to improve something in your environment, something outside your usual routine; act on your desire to do good deeds. Cosy up to someone who seems down or share a tasty treat with a friend; be generous!


Comfort is the name of the game this week. The desire to keep things easy and relaxed means you'll likely be found napping the afternoon away in a sunny spot or curled on your favourite chair. You have little patience with someone who's pacing the floors, anxious or creating distractions. Don't panic, it's not on you to control all the emotions of the household, but really all your human companion needs is a little extra affection. Many troubles pass away in the presence of true affection.


How fretful to discover there are a few friends about who think you're overly single minded or even uncooperative, it's really just a matter of how one looks at it. You know what you're interested in and will devote yourself with the greatest devotion to the chores or tasks you consider important. When faced with an emergency situation, you're a quick responder and eager to get the job done! Seeing you rush into things that might leave other pets trembling should silence any critics!


Take special care, some of your animal friends are likely to be tempting you into an escapade that could result in a wide variety of unpleasant consequences. While at first this may seem like a great adventure, you could very easily end up lost, or worse yet, hurt. Use your practical common sense and excuse yourself from this group plan. Your energy for contributing to constructive projects around the house is high, so jump in and show your human housemates what it means to be a good helper.

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