22 January

Worrying will only make a work situation worse. If you are having problems with an overbearing colleague, invite them out to lunch. Explain how their behaviour is affecting your performance. Give specific examples of how their actions makes your job more difficult. Be polite but direct. Once you lay your cards on the table, it will be possible to reach a compromise. You may be surprised to learn how understanding your fellow worker is. Once they understand the problem, they'll try to fix it.

Give our team of gifted psychics a call on *0906 539 1662 (150p per minute + Phone Providers access charge, 18+) or 0207 111 6154 (Credit/Debit Card payments) to hear that if you want to improve your health try to avoid alcohol, fat and sugar. Nutritious meals, taking regular exercise and getting enough sleep are all essential to your well-being.

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