15 December

There's no longer a need to hide your feelings. Recently, people in your inner circle would not listen to your concerns. They were determined to ignore the truth. Now their denial has resulted in an unfortunate loss. As a result, they're willing to hear what you have been trying to say. Resist the temptation to crow 'I told you so.' Instead, focus on what you can salvage from this terrible setback. Your practical solutions will be very helpful. Take your cues from an outsider who overcame similar challenges.

Call one of our psychic readers on *0906 539 1662 (150p per minute + Phone Providers access charge, 18+) or 0207 111 6154 (Credit/Debit Card payments) to hear how working behind the scenes can boost your productivity. You're a highly social person, which can sometimes undermine your progress. Find a quiet corner where you can work without distractions.

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