17 August

Reckless behaviour will result in an accident. It's important to protect yourself with safety equipment. Resist the temptation to take shortcuts when working with dangerous equipment. A time-consuming job will take even longer if you have to visit the hospital. Slow and steady wins the race. If you're the victim of a traffic jam or technical breakdown, stay calm. Trying to rush things will only make a stressful situation worse. The powers-that-be will give you an extension if you ask for one.

Call one of the gifted psychics on *0906 539 1662 (150p per minute + Phone Providers access charge, 18+) or 0207 111 6154 (Credit/Debit Card payments) to hear why you shouldn't get drawn into ugly gossip about a colleague, even if you dislike them. You've been blessed with a warm, generous heart. Following its lead will put you on the path to romance.

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