24 July

If you feel neglected, don't cause a scene. Creating drama will put a friend at a serious disadvantage. Nobody likes being presented with ultimatums. It's better to discuss your problems calmly and logically. When you stick to the facts, you'll be able to steer your relationship in a healthier direction. This mature approach to conflict will pave the way for a strong bond that lasts a lifetime. Always keep the ultimate goal in mind when crafting a strategy. Secure relationships require adult behaviour.

Give my team of gifted psychics a call on *0906 539 1662 (150p per minute + Phone Providers access charge, 18+) or 0207 111 6154 (Credit/Debit Card payments) to learn that time for leisure and pleasure will be thin on the ground. Keeping your shoulder to the wheel is tiring and dispiriting, but don't give up. Take one step at a time. Things are set to improve soon.

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