Woman's adopted cross-eyed kitty is hugely popular

Belarus the cross-eyed cat has captured the hearts of thousands of internet fans thanks to his peculiar expression.

His owner Rachel Krall says he's one of the most sociable and sweet cats she's ever met.

Krall document the kitty's life online, and together they have raised thousands for local animal shelters.

You can follow the feline's adventures on Instagram.

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Cute tabby kitten sat on the breakfast table looking up
Cute scottish fold cat resting on the sofa .
Domestic Cat Lies in a Basket with a Knitted Blanket, Looking At the Camera. Tinted Photo.
Tabby cat and feet of a person wearing socks with cat designs on it
Cute American short-hair cat resting on a sofa
A bengal baby cat just got adopted by a métis man. The pet is getting to know its master. Complicity and affection in a warm home.
Portrait of cute domestic cat with green eyes lying with owner at home. Unrecognizable young woman petting purebred straight-eared long hair kitty on her lap. Background, copy space, close up.
Beautiful short hair cat lying on the bed at home
Little red kitten isolated on a white background.
Photo taken in Tokyo, Japan
What is today's rice?
American shorthair striped cat with a dissatisfied face
Little cat licking
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Photo taken in Neu-Ulm, Germany
1 year old cream tabby ginger maine coon cat playing with lawn sprinkler water fountain outdoors in the garden raising it's paw
Small, sleepy Siamese kitten, isolated on white background
Thai cat with a doll, concept for pet at home.
Kitten laying on a sofa beside a games control looking at the camera.
Playful kitten playing on the sofa, hiding between cushions and meowing
Woman holding up a kitten and smiling, cuddling her.
Small tabby mixed breed kitten under gray and red wool plaid. Pets care and adoption concept. Close up, selective focus.
Cute young tabby and white cat with big green eyes, looking up at camera
Cat on the kitchen table
Cute little kitten sleeping on plaid
Kitten looking at fish in bowl, side view, studio shot
cute tabby cat walking on the Sunny garden among pink flowering branches of Apple in may on a clear day
Woman's hand stroking cat on her lap
playful young white unicolored cat looking at feather
Ginger Cats is Sitting on a shelf
gray striped cat with womans hand on a brown background. World Pet Day.
Animal themes
cream tabby ginger maine coon cat lying on grass grooming licking it's paw outdoors in the back yard with closed eyes
Studio portrait of cat
Black and white cat leaning on railing looking away from camera
Domestic life cat
White cat with different color eyes hides behind a green plant. Turkish angora eats peace lily green leaves in living room. Domestic pets and houseplants.
happy cat lovely comfortable sleeping by the woman stroking hand grip at . love to animals concept .
Portrait of tired cat lying on wooden floor
Cute british shorthair sleeping on the couch
A *Chinchilla cat
Kitten on lap.
Flash photo of marmalade or orange cat looking surprised with large eyes, ears back.
Close-up shot of a black tabby cat while he is doing his own selfie by a smart phone.
A tabby cat with brown nose and green eyes looking into the camera. The background is green and matches the cat's eyes.
Portrait of birman cat
Two orange kittens snuggle together on a cozy blanket with a lap top computer next to them
Scottish fold kitten looking at camera

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