Singing bus driver releases his own album

A bus driver who has spent years singing to his passengers is now driving forward as a music star - and has released his own album
A bus driver who has spent years singing to his passengers is now driving forward as a music star - and has released his own album

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A bus driver who has spent years singing to his passengers is now driving forward as a music star - and has released his own album.

Tuneful Roger Brady, 41, has spent over a decade entertaining commuters and shoppers with his reggae songs.

He can be regularly seen and heard singing a tune in the cab of the 48/49 service as he drives around Bristol.

Roger loves belting out one of his tunes which are all inspired by the stories of the people he encounters on his journeys.

Now Roger - under the stage name Jah Garvey - has recorded an upcoming album titled 'Girls Dem'.

His latest hit 'Brand New Day' - which celebrates all of the people who have carried on working through the pandemic – has already gained over 4,000 views on YouTube.

Originally from St Catherine's Parish, Jamaica, Roger says music is his true passion, and loves entertaining his passengers with his own hits.

Roger has been driving his First West of England Bus in Bristol since 2008, moving to the UK in 2001.

Roger, or Jah, has been developing his music by working with a series of producers in Bristol and performing at stage shows, festivals and carnivals across the country.

He said: "I find my work as a driver a real inspiration for my music.

''For me, it is about supporting people by representing their lives through music and being able to encourage happiness and personal growth in every person I meet."

The father-of-four admitted that for years his life as a driver and singer were separate, but due to recent attention people have begun to connect the dots.

He said: "There are people who have listened to my music or seen me live in the past, and they then come ride the bus. They never knew we're the same person.

"But now everything seems to be out in the open and people know I'm Jah Garvey the artist.

"The thing I love about being a bus driver is the interaction with passengers, it's great.

"One of the routes I regularly drive is the service 48/49, it's a journey that is always full of both familiar and new faces.

''Everyone who boards has a story to tell, not everyone will tell you their story, but you can catch moments of peoples' lives passing by."

He added: "I have been creating music for a long time now. It's my passion, and each song has the potential to have an impact on peoples' lives.

"Brand New Day is about telling the story of workers, whatever their field, and the richness of everyday life when we are at work, something that I personally get to experience fully as a driver."

Roger says he uses music to alleviate any boredom, especially during periods of lockdown where life as a night-time bus driver can be very lonely.

"Lockdown has been super quiet for me so I just sing to stay focused, since you might be doing a whole journey without any passengers.

"I've been making and listening to music since a very young age. It's always been a hobby where if I made any money it would be a bonus.

"I've had a few little shows here and there."

James Freeman, Managing Director of First West of England said, "We are fortunate to have so many talented people join us as colleagues from all different backgrounds, and Roger is no exception.

"It's extremely important to us as a company to support talent across the board. His passion and talent for music is an inspiration, especially during the tough time that everyone has had this year."

People have fallen in love with Roger's positive spirit, taking to Facebook to praise the singing driver.

Nikki Jones commented: "Wish you had been on my bus when I was going to work! Would've made it much nicer."

Another user, Ria Kaur highlighted the difference between bus drivers in Bristol and London.

He said: "I'm a London bus driver and I only sing like this when my bus is out of service! I worry I might get told to shut up by the passengers if I were to sing when they were on my bus."

The music video for Jah Garvey's latest hit "Brand New Day" is available to watch on YouTube.