Man caught eating a picnic up a 60ft tree

Video and story from SWNS

This video shows the moment a man took social distancing to an extreme - by eating his picnic up a 60ft tree.

Dai Barrow, 32, had gone to meet some friends at the Royal Victoria Park in Bath, Somerset, when he noticed the man up the tree. He said that the man looked comfortable despite being so high in the tree, perched in its very top branches.

Dai, a customer support manager, joked saying that the man was clearing taking social distancing "to new heights" but added that there was probably a great view from the top.

He said: "I met with a group of friends and we were kicking a ball between us and we sat down for drinks.

"I was chatting to a friend named Vanessa and she spotted the man at the top of the tree.

"We were in disbelief, so I got my phone out and started recording. No one else in the park seemed to notice.

"As I got closer I noticed there was no one at the bottom waiting for him, so he was on his own doing that. If you can you will, won't you.

"It's absolutely got a great view up there, 60ft above Bath, no doubt.

"He was definitely comfortable up there so he must have done climbing, either professional or as a hobby or something."

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