People are getting hazmat suits for air travel, but will airlines allow them

As lockdown restrictions ease and countries begin to open their borders to travellers, people who are opting to fly are deciding to wear all manner of hazmat-style suits.

One startup company, VYZR Technologies, is selling personal hazmat suits which are already available for pre-order. But it's still up in the air whether airlines will allow them aboard.

With face coverings required on many flights, VYZR Technologies has come up with the BioVYZR - an upper-body suit that they claim will protect you from Covid-19.

According Forbes, the suite was made possible by crowd funding and retails at £142 with 50,000 on order for those willing to risk air travel.

Safety concerns

However, a debate has now begun as to whether airlines will allow passengers to wear the suite, as it contravenes a number of safety rules for various carriers.

The Telegraph reports, that the suit would need to be taken off for safety announcements, would restrict evacuations and would prevent a passenger from being able to use their oxygen mask.

Some airlines have developed new uniforms for their cabin crews that incorporate PPE elements, with designers taking inspiration from hospital gowns. Qatar Airways has already gone one step further by dressing their crew in full PPE.

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