Monkeys steal schoolgirl's headband while she does presentation in Thailand

This is the amusing moment a wild monkey was caught stealing a ribbon bow from a schoolgirl as she made a vlog.

Rinrada recorded her friend Yeewa doing the school work presentation in front of one the Phra Prang Sam Yot temple in Lopburi, central Thailand.

Yeewa was describing the place with hundreds of primates seen in the background when she was attacked by one of them, taking her hair bow from her head.

The naughty monkey shocked Yeewa when it jumped on her head and took the ribbon off before it played with her tie on the grass.

Yeewa said: "I had to move out of the monument area, I was so scared of the monkey, the stole my ribbon.''

The famous monument located in the center of Lopburi town, 85 miles north of Bangkok, is well known for the large number of monkeys that run freely around the streets.

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